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Perché Capterra è gratis offre ai moderni team legali la possibilità di effettuare scoperte istantanee. La sua soluzione sicura basata su cloud aiuta gli studi legali e le organizzazioni di tutte le dimensioni a risolvere le costose, complesse e rischiose sfide associate a eDiscovery, indagini interne e risposte a record aperti. Con Logikcull puoi avviare un progetto di scoperta in cinque secondi, ovunque, in qualsiasi momento e su qualsiasi dispositivo. Revisionare i dati è facile come eseguire una ricerca su Google. E con Logikcull, i tuoi dati sono sempre al sicuro. Ulteriori informazioni su Logikcull offre ai moderni team legali la possibilità di effettuare scoperte istantanee. Ulteriori informazioni su Logikcull
Rileva plagio, contenuto parafrasato e testo che non sia parola per parola in oltre 100 lingue. Vai oltre il controllo del plagio parola per parola e identifica se il significato del testo è plagiato usando la tecnologia di intelligenza artificiale e il machine learning. Funzionalità: API open source, integrazioni con LMS, MS-Word e Google Docs, cloud computing e archiviazione, crittografia a 256 bit di livello militare per la sicurezza dei dati, tecnologia di ricerca approfondita, strumento di ricerca di file duplicati, app mobile con tecnologia OCR. Ulteriori informazioni su Copyleaks - Plagiarism Checker Piattaforma di rilevamento del plagio con intelligenza artificiale e machine learning. Ulteriori informazioni su Copyleaks - Plagiarism Checker
Athennian è l'unico software per la gestione delle entità basato sul cloud. Grazie a strumenti moderni che aiutano a gestire i dati delle entità, archiviazione dei promemoria, creazione di organigrammi, funzione di firma digitale integrata, creazione di report e automazione dei documenti della segreteria aziendale, Athennian è la piattaforma di gestione delle entità più potente e facile da utilizzare presente sul mercato. Ulteriori informazioni su Athennian Software per piattaforma di gestione delle entità basato sul cloud con funzione di firma digitale, automazione dei documenti, gestione dei dati, calendario e organigrammi. Ulteriori informazioni su Athennian
NetDocuments allows everyone on a team to stay in sync. Your team can search, review and organize documents from one single interface. Instead of sending documents via e-mail without security and control, why not "share it" with others and enjoy a full set of rich features to organize, manage and control your work. NetDocuments is a single service for document and email management and collaboration. Ulteriori informazioni su NetDocuments For organizations and law firms seeking document management functionality on a permanent, ongoing basis. Ulteriori informazioni su NetDocuments
Con Clio, il software per il settore legale basato sul cloud leader nella gestione delle pratiche, la gestione dei documenti diventa semplice. Potrai organizzare tutti i file legali in un'unica posizione per poterli cercare senza problemi. Il controllo integrato delle versioni dei documenti permette di collaborare con i propri clienti e di tenere traccia delle modifiche apportate. Potrai eliminare i rischi per la sicurezza associati all'invio di documenti sensibili via e-mail, utilizzando il portale privato dei clienti di Clio per condividere senza rischi tutto il materiale dei casi. Il software per gestione dei documenti di Clio facilita l'organizzazione dei file, la collaborazione con i clienti e molto altro ancora.
Never lose important legal documents or waste time digging through endless folders again. eFileCabinet can transform your legal practice's document management processes with advanced automation tools and secure file sharing. Scan documents into this system and watch them literally file themselves thanks to intelligent OCR technology and templates. The system will name the file and categorize it, even creating new folder structures making retrieving files easier than ever before. Revolutionize the way your practice files and retrieves legal documents. eFileCabinet is intelligent document management.
Process Street provides businesses with a streamlined, non-technical way to make managing recurring workflows fast, fun, and easy for teams everywhere. Strong company processes are the backbone of any successful business. Without them, a company will struggle and will almost certainly find it difficult to scale. Easily create and customize checklists with text, images, video, and more. Streamline the approval process with conditional logic, automations, and integrations. Process Street is the easiest way to manage your teams workflows, recurring processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
The only legal document management software with an UNLIMITED FREE TRIAL for your first 3 clients and cases. Generate documents automatically based on client information. Integrated with or Dropbox to sync files with your co-workers. Go paperless and never lose another file again with automatic backups. Track changes and revisions. View files from anywhere with the mobile apps. It's simple, user-friendly & intuitive. Try it free, no credit card needed. Mobile friendly and secure legal document management software that's surprisingly easy to use. Two-way sync. Encrypted. Try it free.
TimeSolv helps lawyers increase their billable time and get paid faster as well as featuring comprehensive legal project management tools. We are the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud legal billing software proven since 1999 with over $5.2 billion billed. Three options for document management, including integrations with NetDocuments and Dropbox. TimeSolv can be used off line and online. Compatible with PCs and Macs, iPad and other tablets, iPhones and Android App. We are the #1 web-based time billing, invoicing and project management software for law firms. Find out why with our 30-day free trial.
MyCase provides centralized, secure legal case document storage in the cloud for quick and easy access, editing, and collaboration so you never lose track of a single document. Create a library of documents and folders within each of your cases and share the most up-to-date versions with your team and clients on demand. Maintain instant access to all of your firm's documents whether you're on your mobile phone or on your laptop. Now with Dropbox integration! MyCase provides centralized, secure legal case document storage in the cloud for quick and easy access, editing, and collaboration.
PDFelement is the easiest way to create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents on Windows and Mac. This alternative to Adobe Acrobat offers enterprise-grade PDF functionalities and perpetual licensing. Sold globally in 9 different languages, PDFelement is the all-in-one PDF solution for users of all types, and the only complete PDF solution next to Adobe Acrobat available on Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android. #1 Adobe® Acrobat® alternative: PDFelement is your all-in-one PDF solution. Create, edit, convert, and sign PDF files in a better way.
AbacusLaw includes everything you need to run an organized legal business. Our custom built management system gives you error-free, signature-ready documents and forms in seconds. You can subscribe to court forms for your jurisdiction from within AbacusLaw or create your own library of personalized forms and document templates. Founded in 1983, AbacusLaw can also keep your documents in a private cloud for a complete disaster-proof solution. AbacusLaw is a turn-key, fully integrated Case Management Solution for firms of all sizes, in all practice areas and jurisdictions.
A top-rated solution on Capterra, CosmoLex is the only total solution that includes billing, practice management, and compliant law office accounting (no QuickBooks needed). CosmoLexs One Price - One Login system eliminates the daily struggle of juggling several separate practice management, billing, and accounting systems. CosmoLex also includes built-in LawPay with no fixed monthly fee. Learn why thousands of law firms have switched to CosmoLex. Try CosmoLex free today! CosmoLex is the only cloud-based, all-in-one practice management, billing, and accounting system (no QuickBooks required).
Amicus Attorney, the worlds leading practice management solution, integrates all your firm information into a single automated system so you can improve your efficiency & profitability. Available as a desktop, cloud or combined desktop/cloud solution, Amicus software solutions give you client/matter management, legal calendaring & tasks, contacts & business development, document management, document automation, time & expense tracking, conflict checking and more! The leading practice mgmt software - Amicus integrates your information into a single system for improved efficiency and profitability.
Web-accessible - Keep your data in house or in the Cloud. Provides matter, contact, email & doc management. Includes doc assembly, workflow automation, billing & trust, task scheduling, group calendaring, 1 click PDF generation, document & email templates, full-text search including documents, email & email attachments, collaboration tools, customizable fields forms & list. Integrates with Word, Excel, Outlook, Evernote, QuickBooks, Acrobat, Calendar/Court Rules & Google. Integrates with LawPay, Word, Excel, Outlook, Evernote, QuickBooks, Acrobat, Calendar/Court Rules, WordPerfect & Google.
PracticeMaster gives your firm more than Outlook. It helps you do the things you already have to do, only faster. PracticeMaster, the most award-winning legal desktop practice management software, includes document assembly, a firm-wide calendar, and tracking for online research, email and phone calls. You can easily convert appointments, phone calls and research into fees in Tabs3 Billing Software, so you can quickly bill for your time. Tabs3 Billing is a feature-rich, customizable option for stand alone billing or complete firm management.
Nextpoint is smart software that automates ediscovery projects for legal teams of every size. The highly secure, cloud-based solution lets your team begin document review in minutes with powerful data analytics tools, a user-friendly interface and collaborative access from anywhere. Nextpoint innovative case-prep features will exceed your expectations of what smart ediscovery software can do. DON'T PAY FOR DATA: Free, unlimited data uploads, processing, hosting, OCR, imaging and productions. Empowers modern legal teams to efficiently, affordably and securely manage ediscovery and case prep from anywhere with NO data fees.
Concord is a powerful, secure, and intuitive document management platform built to help Legal teams tackle a variety of use cases. Whether it's centralizing document storage, facilitating diligence processes, or streamlining contract workflows, Concord's simple, end-to-end platform has all the internal and external tools needed to succeed. Intuitive and easy to adopt, Concord integrates with traditional document repository and e-signature vendors to make implementation quick and painless. Simple and powerful, Concord is the only end-to-end document management solution built to serve the varied needs of Legal departments.
The most-used process server software on the market. ServeManger is a full-featured software solution for management of service of process designed for law firms and process servers. Generate affidavits, manage billing, payments to servers, update jobs from the field, client portal and much more! Full-featured software solution for management of service of process designed for law firms and process servers.
Actionstep is an intelligent, cloud-based document management solution for future-focused law professionals. Together with workflow automation and Microsoft Office integration, Actionstep allows you to create document templates that can be automatically populated with client and matter data, allowing you to save time and reduce errors. Start your free trial today to learn more. A top-rated, fully-featured, cloud-based document management solution for growing law firms. Intelligent, flexible and affordable.
TrialWorks Legal Case Management provides seamless web intake, comprehensive document management, centralized calendaring and much more. With 42,000+ users, 2,600+ law firms, TrialWorks has come together with Needles under the newly formed Assembly Software to offer exceptional support to the legal industry. Available on a private cloud or your network, TrialWorks is a litigation firm's most valuable partner - offering a user-friendly interface, mobile app, global OCR'd search, and much more. TrialWorks brings organization to your firm, keeping your case info in one place - with easy to use web intake and document management.
We organize your contracts easily and affordably! Incredibly easy to use and manage. Search and find any document (even scans) in seconds. AI pulls key info for setup. Email reminders so you'll never forget to renew (or cancel) an important contract. Collaborate with your whole team-with unlimited users. No implementation or configuration means you will be up and running right away. Find out why our customers call us "disruptive" and "a miracle product," and give us five star ratings! ContractSafe helps companies to better organize signed contracts and avoid missing key dates without spending a lot of time or money.
MerusCase has changed legal software forever by offering a unique, guided experience per law type, packaged in the fastest cloud-based technology available. Moreover, it's the only cloud-based system that brings you total HIPAA compliance as well as fully-integrated document automation, time tracking, billing, calendar, email, and case management. With MerusCase, you'll be able to run your practice from any computer or mobile device worldwide and experience de facto perfection with 99.9% uptime. Customized cloud-based law practice management software with multifaceted document automation and firm-wide e-mail/calendar sync.
Lexis for Microsoft Office enables legal professionals to reduce manual labor inherent in drafting and reviewing legal documents. Weve integrated powerful legal resources and content and made them accessible from within the Microsoft Outlook and Word. Giving our customers the opportunity to reallocate their precious time to other revenue generating opportunities. The only drafting solution on the market created to work with Microsoft to seamlessly integrate with Outlook and Microsoft Word. offers a cloud based easy to use multi-user software that is designed for attorneys, CPAs and other professionals with their practice management, billing, invoicing, trust fund management, case document management, client management, tracking billable time, expenses, payments, etc. A cloud based software for legal time tracking, invoicing, trust fund management, case management, client management, payments, etc.
Cloud-based legal practice management for small law firms that intelligently integrates with Westlaw and other legal business tools. Enhance your productivity and provide better client services by accessing your files anytime anywhere. Exclusive features include industry leading security and KeyCite flags and citation links that are automatically added to your uploaded documents- ensuring good law status and full text global search for fast retrieval of your documents. Cloud-based legal practice management tool for solo law firms that integrates with legal research and other essential business tools.
Helps lawyers manage legal transactions by automating the collection of signatures and the creation of closing books. Watch the video below to learn more! Helps lawyers manage legal transactions by automating the collection of signatures and the creation of closing books.
Smokeball legal document management covers all practice areas with over 200 distinct matter types for all kinds of practitioners. With incredible search power, you can easily see property details in a real estate matter, trust and will details in an estate planning matter, and much more: every area of law is covered by Smokeball for PCs. One-click PDF conversions, cloud-backup with local access, easy-to-use matter management and access to all firm files is just part of the Smokeball difference. Smokeball is built for PC, Microsoft Word and Outlook users. Manage, share with staff and access all your files in one place.
Legal document management, case management and project management designed specifically for lawyers and legal professionals. Keep all your notes, activity, files, billing & timekeeping, all in one place. Keep your team in sync and your cases on track. With groundbreaking features such as text message integration, built-in settlement calculators, case scheduling calendars, and fully customizable case files, Filevine is light years ahead of the competition. Case management, project management designed specifically for plaintiff's firms. Ease-of-use makes Filevine perfect for agile firms.
Simplify Your Electronic Discovery with our Easy-To-Use Processing and Review Tools. Easily Upload, Process, and Review eDiscovery Data. Process Your Data with CloudNine's On-Premise and Cloud-Based Software to Dramatically Reduce the Overall Costs of eDiscovery Processing. Free 30 Day Trial on-premise or cloud-based. Upload, process and review eDiscovery data and easily filter and search the documents to identify relevant data. On-Prem or Cloud-Based
For Attorneys who need ultimate power and flexibility, Time Matters is tailor practice management software that helps you and your staff bill more, get more done, and take better care of your clients. Time Matters makes legal billing, matter management, and more faster and easier than ever.
Litify's end-to-end practice management platform allows you to manage, create, and store legal documents in the same system you manage your intakes, cases, referrals, marketing, reporting and CRM. How you manage documents is crucial to the continued success of your law firm. Litify empowers firms to manage documents with the same efficiency and organization as every other aspect of your practice. Best-in-class legal document management, storage and creation tools built on the world's most secure cloud platform.
CobbleStone Legal Document Management Software has been selected by thousands of legal professionals. It offers user-friendly document tracking, contract drafting, e-mails alerts, tasks, contract management, workflows, electronic signatures, dashboards, configurable fields, flexible permissions, document searching, check-in/out, reporting, pricing/costing, budget alerts, auto extract (Word, PDF) and more. Hosted/SaaS & Deployed options. Starting @ $59/month/user. User-friendly document software with custom fields and flexible reports. Pricing starts at $59/month/user. Thousands of users worldwide
Take control of your documents and have instant access to them all Take control of your documents and have instant access to them all.
This is no ordinary Virtual Data Room. Ansarada harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to highlight risks and opportunities, raise and protect potential, and optimize processes from deal preparation to close. We have over 100 features, including reports that track bidder activity and interest levels, comprehensive document security controls, and 24/7 support from our team. Learn more about why companies like Google, and the worlds top banks turn to Ansarada first. This is no ordinary VDR. Raise your potential with AI tools to highlight risks and opportunities from deal preparation to close.
FileCenter is the low-cost leader in Windows PC-based document management software for small offices. It combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It stores your files on the Windows file system and NOT in complex databases. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with cloud services. Feature-for-feature, it delivers at a price the competition can't touch. Come join our family of over 50,000 users. Start your free trial today! Call 801-722-7098. FileCenter helps you scan, organize, find, and edit your files. It makes scanning more efficient and file organization more intuitive.
The Lexbe Litigation Document Management Platform is purpose-built for boutique law firms. Cloud-based, lightning fast and highly affordable, the Lexbe Platform is full-featured, including advanced capabilities like the Uber Index, integrated language translation, near-dupe and TAR delivered via a very simple and intuitive user interface. The Lexbe Legal Document Management Platform is Microsoft, Apple and Android compatible. Over 4000 legal professionals have come to rely on Lexbe. A cloud-based, lightning fast, highly affordable and intuitive litigation document management platform built for boutique law firms
Content Central gives organizations like yours quick and easy access to your information. The all-in-one, browser-based document management system provides what matters most to you: Access, Speed, Process Automation and Security. Here are some brief highlights of the solution: Built-In 24-Hour Support - Integrates with Microsoft Office and Other Business Applications - Straightforward Pricing - No Modules. Scan. Classify. Automate. Distribute. Archive. Ademero software will help you take control of your documents.
Produce accurate, consistent legal documents in Microsoft Word quickly and efficiently and save 49 minutes per user per day! Word LX is a template management system that includes powerful document formatting tools designed specifically for legal professionals. Define and implement brand standards across all of your firm's documents. Quickly access firm branded templates and documents from within Microsoft Word. Simplify document formatting with specialised tools and features. Word LX transforms Microsoft Word into an easy-to-use tool for producing high quality legal documents quickly and efficiently.
As a legal practice and case management software, LEAP helps solo and small law firms to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. Law firms using LEAP can manage and store all of their client and matter related information in one electronic file. This information can be accessed from both desktop computer or mobile device. Features include, but not limited to, automatic time recording, pre-configured matter files for major areas of law, and automation of client and matter data entry. LEAP is an integrated legal practice and case management software system, enhancing small law firms efficiency and profitability.
LegalWorks helps law firms of all sizes manage their documents in the cloud. LegalWorks works with the software firms use every day, including integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook. In addition, automatic OCR ensures all documents are searchable. Additional LegalWorks features include - Scan & Fax integration so you can go paperless, Document Versioning, Local & Offline File Sync, Matter-Centric Document & Email Management, Advanced Permissions and Alerts, Flexible Search, and Tagging. LegalWorks helps law firms manage their documents in the cloud with its leading legal document management software solution.
With Ultradox for G Suite you can automate tedious tasks and create your own enterprise apps without hiring a team of developers. The unique combination of form builder, workflow and template engine allows you to merge, send and print documents, generate websites or send out responsive emails as part of your process. Beside automations that run in the background - like creating and sending out weekly reports - you can also create interactive apps like approval flows and document signing. Cloud based document generation and process automation platform for G Suite.
Legal Files offers a complete and fully functional document management assembly program as a standard component of its case & matter management application. Fully integrated with Word, Legal Files also offers document assembly. By organizing all your documents, emails, contacts, deadlines, tasks, etc. in one location, Legal Files assures that everyone has access to the most current information. Legal Files is ideal for corporations, universities, government agencies and insurance companies. Legal Files case/matter management software is ideal for corporations, universities, governmental agencies and insurance companies.
Easy, no-code document assembly software. Cloud-based platform allows anyone with template documents or forms to create a shareable document assembly workflow that generates finalized documents. Users start by creating questions (like on Typeform). Then, load template documents. Finally, they connect questions to the documents.You can add jumps, conditions, signatures, calculations, and formatting specifications. Significantly easier than HotDocs - users save 90% of drafting time. Easy, no-code document automation + assembly software to turn frequently-used forms and template documents into intelligent workflows.
CaseFleet is case chronology software that empowers litigators to build winning cases with tools for reviewing evidence, organizing facts, and identifying case trends. Features include full-text search, advanced filtering, and an easy-to-use document viewer that links evidence to facts, issues, contacts, and dates. Customizable reporting options make turning your case chronology into work product as simple as clicking a button. Save time. Be better prepared. Chronology software designed for litigators with tools for reviewing evidence, organizing facts, and identifying case trends.
Woodpecker automatically converts your documents into standardized smart-templates without ever leaving Word. Simple document automation.
Also known as Deltaview, Workshare's innovative and intelligent platform empowers professionals to compare, protect and share their high stakes documents on any device. Content owners can accurately track and compare amendments made by all contributors. While businesses have secure ways to work collaboratively and control the process of constant change. Workshare's intelligent platform empowers professionals worldwide to compare, protect & share their high stakes documents.
Z-Discovery, our e-discovery software suite of cloud-based applications offers intuitive solutions that empower corporate legal and compliance teams to defensibly reduce the cost and risk associated with e-discovery, litigation and compliance matters. The suite is comprised of Legal Hold Pro, the best-in-class legal hold automation solution, and Digital Discovery Pro, an ultra fast, cost-effective processing and review solution. Z-Discovery offers an innovative, easy to use, scalable, secure, and accessible e-discovery software, all at an affordable price.
Parley Pro is an all-in-one cloud-based contract lifecycle management platform that provides the only true real-time collaboration solution available in the marketplace today. Extremely easy to use and implement, our robust platform streamlines the entire end-to-end contracting process and delivers better contracts in a fraction of the time. Gain full control over the contracting process and deliver real-time visibility. Experience the Parley Pro difference by starting a free trial today! Close better contracts in a fraction of the time with Parley Pro contract automation and real-time contract negotiation.
Unique and affordable cloud-based tool for contract reviews. Pagemap automatically identifies and validates defined terms, warning of drafting issues. Smart search tools let you find dates and synonyms, and you can save lists of keywords to use with other documents. Secure collaboration tools limit who sees the document and the role they play. Document owners can approve and reject user comments, then lock any document to archive it. Windows + Mac OS compatible. Word + PDF compatible. A unique and easy tool for reviewing contracts - auto identification of key information, collaboration and smart searches
Legal Track software is designed 'specifically for Corporate Legal Departments' (not law firms). Our software is built inside Microsoft Outlook. We offer complete case management including Litigation, Contracts, Non litigation matters and document management. Legal Track E-billing capabilities include procession outside counsel invoices, invoice reviews. Forward looking legal departments can now generate meaningful reports to analyze the legal spend management and other useful reports. Legal Track for in-house counsel offers complete case/matter management, e-billing, legal spend management and document management.
Soluno is the premier time, billing, & accounting solution designed exclusively for law firms. Soluno's suite of integrated features puts all your back-end functions in one place - fully trust compliant, with no need for additional accounting packages. Soluno is flexible and scalable for your firm's needs. Host on the Cloud or on your own server, using any device; save money with our usage-based pricing model; and get a FREE full matter history conversion from your current database. Soluno is a premier time, billing, & accounting solution designed for law firms. Browser-based, trust compliant, & extremely flexible.
Legisway Essentials (previously effacts) is a secure, cloud-based solution to find, summarize, share, audit and report on all your company's legal information, from entities, contracts, compliance, claims, IP, and more. With smart tools that help you manage risk and collaborate with other departments, it is more powerful than shared drives, spreadsheets or generic tools but easier to use (and more affordable!) than enterprise software. A simple, affordable smart repository that will transform your companys legal information from a burden into a strategic advantage!
Onehub is the best way to manage, share and collaborate on business files. Designed for business needs, Onehub offers granular control of data, role-based permissions and mobile access. The Onehub platform is intuitive and easy to use, so customers can begin controlled sharing of documents in minutes. Onehub's proven solution is used by more than one million users worldwide. Manage, share, and collaborate on business files. Offers granular control of data, role-based permissions and mobile access.
PDF+ has had a major upgrade for 2018. PDF+ means you can apply exhibit stickers, bates numbers, bar codes to both PDF exhibits and Image exhibits. The three biggest new features are: The only Legal software offering batch processing of file names. Search and Redact for presentation. New export redacted for a more permanent redaction (safe for production) Every task includes the option to apply stickers, numbers, etc., and export to a new folder keeping your originals clean. PDF+ is a product made for law firms. Built with the most often used tasks to prepare exhibits. Stickers, Bates, Redaction's and more
DocuXplorer is an industry-leading document management software solution for small-to-medium sized businesses in all industries. It is easy-to-use and intuitive, but with built-in robust functionality that includes automated workflow, multi-language OCR, a print driver, cutting-edge security and the ability to perform fast and accurate searches. DocuXplorer is the ideal solution for organizations looking to replace their current document management software or start fresh!
A Word add-in for document assembly/automation. Use plain keyboard text to create variables. E.g., '[Client Name]' and '[Customer Address]'. Compose conditional and repeat text just as easily. Create complex documents via building blocks or via templates. Call in additional text (from signature blocks and certifications to entire documents) using DropDown Lists reflecting hundreds of your neatly organized clauses. Easy to learn. Easy to teach. 90-day free trial. Cloud version available. An add-in to Word that uses plain keyboard text to create variables and optional text blocks for document automation.
Are you a litigator who's practiced for 15+ years? Use technology in your personal life and frustrated that similar tools don't exist for your legal practice? FactBox was made just for you. FactBox is cloud-based, law practice management software. It solves two problems: (1) keeping all the facts/evidence in your case organized and instantly available; and (2) making collaboration with others seamless and efficient. FactBox relieves the headaches of repeated work and the anxiety of lost facts. FactBox is cloud-based, law practice management software for busy litigators to organize all the facts, notes and ideas in their case.
Minutes Depot offers a safe, compliant and lawful solution for Entrepreneurs who want to quickly create and share an online minute book, without any special skills and for a fraction of the price of a professional Unique SaaS to get rid of your bulky binders by managing and generating your corporate records and minutes online.
An electronic data and transcript review platform for managing cases of various size. An electronic data and transcript review platform for managing cases of various size.
Expert Sierra takes Aderant's leading comprehensive end-to-end legal business solution to the cloud for mid-size law firms. Firms with around 15-150 users can consolidate and centralize case, document, and billing information in one secure solution. Access is available on-the-go, and task flows are fully customizable. Reimagine your firm's success with increased efficiency and profitability from any device on the cloud. Expert Sierra is the most comprehensive end-to-end cloud solution for the mid-size firm helping you manage your practice and firm.
dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings you and your clients together on a deal, transforming and modernizing the deal process. Client relationships are at the core of any law firm and even small transactions require significant client interaction. Whether you have one or many deals on the go, use dealcloser to ensure that each client feels like theyre your priority. dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals.
Versatile Enterprise LE is your firms full-scale solution. With clients and caseloads to manage, your firm needs a records management toolbox built with ethics and integrity in mind. This premier software manages the complete life cycle of your electronic and physical records, while tracking clients and matters. Knowledge is power, and Versatile Enterprise keeps you fully informed. Know where records are, who can access them, and when they can be destroyed. Versatile Enterprise LE does it all. Your law firms full-scale records management solution; Versatile Enterprise LE manages your entire client base and so much more!
LawBase offers a highly intuitive user interface with customizable security settings, calendaring functionality, ad hoc report writing capabilities, integrations, and more. With the ability to custom design your own database screens, you can use your own vocabulary, organization and presentation style. Unlike other case management systems which claim customizability yet only offer a limited number of user-defined fields, LawBase is completely tailored to work the way you do. Cloud-based case management system designed that helps law firms manage database, calendar and reporting.
Synergy Case Management System (CMS) is a powerful software that automates and modernizes the work of justice sector institutions in civil, criminal and administrative domains. It enables moving from traditional paper-based case filing to automation of the entire case lifecycle, reduces case backlogs and helps handling more cases in less time. CMS provides a complete set of functionality including data entry, e-filing, case workflow management, scheduling, analytics and reporting. Powerful case management software designed to streamline the work of justice sector institutions in civil and criminal domains.
Created just for solo attorneys. A well-organized practice can offer an even higher level of professionalism and add more billable time. We help manage and organize emails, documents, phone calls, time tracking, tasks, docketing and conflict searches. Adding this type of organization to your practice can increase your time for billing and marketing by 23%. Which leads to happier clients and increases the potential of more referrals. Legal practice management software for solo attorneys with matter, document, email, docket, call, conflict and task management.
Save time and money by using Doctual to create or manage your contracts online so that you can focus on your business and increase productivity. Doctual lets you create contracts needed for your business, negotiate, sign and manage in the most friendliest manner. Create NDA in a go when you need it. Get Shareholders' Agreements, Financial Agreements, License Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Sales Agreements for the most affordable cost ever. Create contracts for your business deals or upload existing your documents to sign online for free.
PerfectLaw is the most function- and feature-rich legal software that uses a single All-in-One (TM) database for all law office applications. This means you enter your data once and it's immediately available to everyone and every application, subject to security constraints. All-in-One (TM) software reduces the cost/effort of installation, training, support, & maintenance. With PerfectLaw, there is only one vendor to call, and one comprehensive suite of products for your law firm to learn. All-In-One (TM) software for Front Office, Back Office, mobile devices, and the web.
One thing that differentiates Perfect Practice from other practice management software is its breadth of functionality. It has everything you need to run your practice; from Marketing, CRM, Matter Management to Billing and Accounting. Check out an overview of Perfect Practice features by watching the short movie. Many specific Perfect Practice features can be reviewed by selecting the hyperlinks below the movie. By the way, you can click on any of the images to get an enlarged image. Case management, project management, calendar/docketing, imaging, document merging & management, legal billing and accounting.
Manage critical corporate and commercial legal documents with Lextree from Berkman Solutions. Link multiple documents to a single contract or entity record. Control access to records and documents with unlimited security groups. Schedule tasks and alerts so you stay ahead of important deadlines. Track approval requests for any document. Store documents directly in Lextree or simply link to your document repository. Create reports to communicate important information about your legal documents. Master your corporate and commercial legal documents with Lextree from Berkman Solutions.
The Document Management module organizes and guarantees the preservation of Enterprise Legal Memory. It manages the classification of all records and guarantees the traceability of information. The module allows companies to index all types of documents in your legal document resources: legal references, legislation, case law, scientific articles, news articles, records, internal memos, document templates, and standard instruments and contracts. Legal Suite is a leading Enterprise Legal Management software publisher with offices throughout North America and Europe.
As the leading provider of software as a service solutions developed by lawyers for lawyers, DISCO is reinventing legal technology to automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law. DISCO has been embraced by more than 400 law firms, including 75 of the AmLaw 200, as their first choice for innovative technologies that help great lawyers and their teams secure justice, predict outcomes and win cases. Electronic discovery solution to automate and simplify legal review
eDepoze is the first deposition App that allows you to upload all potential exhibits then securely introduce them with an iPad or laptop eliminating the need to use paper, binders and boxes. eDepoze is a solution for Law Firms to be more eco-friendly and save up to 95% on deposition costs. Every attendee can view, annotate, and save their own copy of introduced documents. After the deposition, official exhibits are immediately available stamped and logged. Deposition App that allows attorneys to upload all potential exhibits then introduce them on an iPad or laptop and mark and save them.
Work with large PDFs or merge multiple PDFs and then break them down into individual pages. Sort the pages into folders with just a mouse click. Use the group sort function to find similarly appearing pages to rule them in or out of your analysis. Avoid the expense of printing out large PDFs or printing unnecessary pages. Export and save your newly organized file folders so you can efficiently complete your file review. Software that lets you breakdown a PDF into individual PDF pages and then move those pages info a folder with a mouse click.
Document assembly software with state specific forms; cost only $24.95 per case. Document assembly software with state specific forms; cost only $24.95 per case.
DMS, ECM and user enhancements for law firms, corporate legal departments, and professional services firms. DMS, ECM and user enhancements for law firms, corporate legal departments, and professional services firms.
Winscribe Dictation is a speech productivity solution that enables lawyers and other legal professionals to organize their time more efficiently and to work in more flexible and productive ways. Winscribe offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and legal documentation workflow management solutions that help lawyers produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive client information. Enterprise digital dictation workflow management system that supports mobile dictation, speech recognition, and centralized management.
Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it is a cloud-based tool that helps users create legal documents such as will, consents and more. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it is a cloud-based tool that helps users create legal documents such as will, consents and more.
Insight Enterprise is a secure, end-to-end discovery platform to manage cases, investigations and regulatory compliance. Engineered for the demanding requirements of modern litigation, Insight Enterprise allows users to centralize the discovery process, standardize your practices and sharply reduce your costs. Web-based solution that helps businesses create reports, track task progress, manage document reviews, and automate data processing.
Document drafting solution that helps with features such as insurance coverage, legal maintenance plan, employee handbook and more. Document drafting solution that helps with features such as insurance coverage, legal maintenance plan, employee handbook and more.
Web-based platform to automate production of legal documents for various cases. Web-based platform to automate production of legal documents for various cases.
Software for plaintiff attorneys; case management, document management, trust accounting, checkbook and more. Software for plaintiff attorneys; case management, document management, trust accounting, checkbook and more.
Internet-based legal practice management featuring calendar, check writing, general ledger, document repository and more. Internet-based legal practice management featuring calendar, check writing, general ledger, document repository and more.
Crocodile Solutions, LLC develops general practice and SSD practice management tools that transform the way law offices of all sizes deliver their services. Their "Total Law Office" approach facilitates document creation & storage; notes, time & billing; tasks & to-do's; SSA forms; calendaring; extensive reporting and more. Available products: DS Wings secure, web-based software, and Disability Specialist and Case Partner computer-based software. Choose the version that best suits your needs. Legal Software Solutions: Mobile, Tablet, Mac & PC - We've got you covered!
Markup, annotate and standardize PDF documents for internal use or publishing. Markup, annotate and standardize PDF documents for internal use or publishing.
A complete legal document spell checker, this software can recognize and correct spelling in normal, legal, and Latin terms. A complete legal document spell checker, this software can recognize and correct spelling in normal, legal, and Latin terms.
On-premise solution that helps law firms of all sizes to create Table of Authorities (TOAs), automatically mark citations, correct citation errors and more. On-premise solution that helps law firms of all sizes to create Table of Authorities (TOAs), automatically mark citations and more.
Keep track of your online legal research efficiently and for free. Lexbox allows you to create and manage your online research workspace. It enables you to assemble in one central location relevant legal information from various online sources, and to create personalized alerts. It is a trusted tool for legal professionals who conduct research online. Keep track of your legal research efficiently with our free Google Chrome extension. Create and manage your legal research workspace.
Law Practice Management platform for law firms of all sizes that can be easily tailored for your practice areas. Law Practice Management platform for law firms of all sizes that can be easily tailored for your practice areas.
Blink Legal has redefined digital document management for the legal industry. Blink Legal has redefined digital document management for the legal industry.
The Legal Assistant (TLA) provides comprehensive practise management for the law firm, designed by attorneys, for attorneys. With modules available for Personal Injury, General Practice and now Real Estate. Create letters and forms and send to relevant parties in seconds. Other features include billing, document generation, document scanning/incoming mail allocation, faxing, e-mail and transcriptions. TLA can be used in the Cloud or installed On-site and works on PC/Mac or Tablet. Case Management Software with billing, document generation, document scanning, faxing, e-mail and transcriptions and much more.
Empower your In-House Legal Function to do more for less with the world's most advanced Document Management Platform. Legal Gateway enables teams to manage risk at speed, and reduce external spend while increasing client satisfaction and employee engagement. The world's most advanced Document Management Platform, built specifically for In-House teams.
Powered by the world most secure cloud platform, Salesforce, NuLaw automates manual tasks and allows you to tailor/standardize steps throughout your intake and matters management. It includes; case milestones, checklists, advanced calendaring, tracks billable hours, generates invoices and process payments. Using the document library, you can integrate research tools and aggregate data points into advanced dashboards and reports. Make decisions real-time so you can provide client results quickly. NuLaw, an all in one solution for automating calendaring, case-related task scheduling, and more powered by Salesforce's App Cloud.
Soutron Legal Library Management is designed for managing information assets (physical or digital) in a law firm. The key to Soutrons flexibility is our database. It is designed to be easy to manage, structure fields and record templates for digital and physical assets by a legal librarian with 30 years experience and with the input of law librarians in our clientele. Soutron Legal Library Management is designed for managing information assets (physical or digital) in a law firm.
Document creator tool that lets business users, law firms, & in-house counsel develop customized legal documents based on their content Document creator tool that lets business users, law firms, & in-house counsel develop customized legal documents based on their content
With a robust set of tools to help you repair and style your documents, DocXtools greatly increases document quality and cuts review time in half. This helps legal and life sciences teams meet client demands, improve collaboration, and produce high-quality documents. Repair, format, and style your documents in minutes, saving you time and letting you focus on higher value work.
Ligo is a legaltech platform allowing SME businesses and enterprises to create, negotiate, sign and manage their contracts. By automating these processes with our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution we help businesses increase productivity, optimize collaborations with stakeholders and increase revenue. With Ligo every business can organize, manage, and leverage their contracts. Ligo helps businesses oversee and manage all steps of the contract lifecycle.

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For organizations with complex regulations, member management, and billing requirements, eIS provides the ability to create work actions in a structured manner, offers comprehensive functionality to meet all of your organizations collection, analysis, process, and reporting requirements. Built using component based architecture best practices on a proven technology foundation means that it has sufficient flexibility to meet very complex, often changing requirements without additional coding. End-to-end relationship and engagement management suite of modules for associations, not-for-profits, regulators, and unions.
Litigation document management service for managing scanned discovery documents. Litigation document management service for managing scanned discovery documents.
Linetime are a specialist provider of case and practice management solutions to the legal sector. Clients range from mid-tier firms through to top 200 law firms, ABS, specialist in-house legal teams, PLCs and housing associations. Our aim is to provide the legal sector with IT solutions that keep them at the forefront of technology, enabling them to deliver high quality legal services in a fast evolving market. We can offer complete end to end systems or individual software modules. Linetime are a specialist provider of case and practice management solutions to the legal sector.