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Sales Enablement covers content and communication tools that help sales teams show off product information to prospective customers, engage potential leads, and overall boost sales team performance. These solutions align sales with marketing to ensure that the sales team gets the most up to date materials. Sales Enablement software includes presentation tools and gamification applications, as well as collaborative content editing and sharing solutions.

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Winmo tracks decision-makers who control $100 billion in marketing spend, mapping brand and agency teams to the budgets they control, along with buying windows and opportunity triggers that allow users to reach the right prospects at the right time. Ulteriori informazioni su Winmo Winmo's prospect intelligence helps sales teams reach the right contacts at the right accounts at the right time. Ulteriori informazioni su Winmo
Want to get your reps selling more and faster? Chorus is the essential tool in your sales enablement stack to ramp new reps quicker and improve the sales skills of your entire organization. With Chorus, you can easily record and analyze your sales team's calls. Improve discovery calls, identify competitive deals, track adoption of sales methodologies, and more! Sign up for a demo of Chorus to see how Conversation Intelligence can transform your sales organization. Ulteriori informazioni su Chorus Chorus is the essential tool in your sales enablement stack to ramp reps faster and improve the skills of your entire organization. Ulteriori informazioni su Chorus
BAM! helps large and geographically distributed sales forces stay current and sell more easily. With the ability to manage any number of user groups with total control, marketing can ensure that everyone logs in to the mobile app and only sees the content they are supposed to. And with features like Visual Product Navigator, Calculators (ROI, TCO, finance), News Feed, Customer Profiles, and Analytics, sales reps always have exactly what they need to sell the product, no matter how complex. Ulteriori informazioni su BAM! BAM! is a mobile-first DAM that will help you to have the most informed sales force in your industry. Ulteriori informazioni su BAM!
Showpad is the leading enterprise sales enablement platform for the modern seller. Showpads all-in-one platform empowers sales and marketing teams to meet the demands of the modern buyer by integrating industry leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions. Showpad serves more than 1,000 customers across the globe, including Johnson & Johnson, BASF, GE Healthcare, Fujifilm, Bridgestone, Prudential, Honeywell and Merck. The company has headquarters in Ghent and Chicago. Ulteriori informazioni su Showpad The all-in-one sales enablement platform for the modern seller. Ulteriori informazioni su Showpad
Whatfix è una piattaforma leader nell'ambito dell'orientamento digitale e del coinvolgimento che aiuta le aziende ad accelerare l'adozione dei prodotti abilitando un efficace inserimento e formazione dei neoassunti e fornendo supporto on-demand. Whatfix potenzia le soluzioni software offrendo incredibile semplicità, intuitività e personalizzazione. Diverse aziende di Fortune 500 in tutto il mondo si affidano a Whatfix per garantire un rapido ritorno sugli investimenti tecnologici e promuovere il coinvolgimento e la produttività degli utenti. Ulteriori informazioni su Whatfix Whatfix guida l'adozione di tecnologie e l'abilitazione degli utenti per migliorare la produttività e il coinvolgimento attraverso contenuti contestuali in-app. Ulteriori informazioni su Whatfix
Seismic è una soluzione leader a livello globale per il marketing e le vendite online che consente di migliorare i tassi di chiusura e ottenere accordi migliori per le vendite, aumentando gli effetti del marketing sui profitti. Le grandi imprese utilizzano Seismic per aumentare la produttività delle vendite grazie alla distribuzione automatica di informazioni e contenuti personalizzati inerenti a qualsiasi interazione con l'acquirente. Ulteriori informazioni su Seismic Seismic è la soluzione leader a livello globale per la facilitazione di marketing e vendite. Ulteriori informazioni su Seismic

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Scopri il segreto dei migliori team di vendita al mondo con lo strumento CRM che facilita le vendite di Pipedrive, realizzato da venditori reali per i venditori. Concentrati sulle attività che consentono di ottenere il massimo per chiudere le trattative e di diventare esperti di vendite riconosciuti, come gli 80.000 clienti soddisfatti di Pipedrive. Grazie a una vasta gamma di funzionalità, app e integrazioni, che vanno dalla gestione dei contenuti e delle comunicazioni alla condivisione delle informazioni, Pipedrive ti mostrerà come concentrarti su ciò che conta. Ulteriori informazioni su Pipedrive Il segreto dei team di vendita di successo risiede nell'utilizzo dello strumento CRM giusto. Pipedrive ti aiuterà a concentrarti sulle attività che determinano la chiusura delle trattative. Ulteriori informazioni su Pipedrive

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Sales Cloud is a customizable CRM platform that grows with you. Get real-time customer information and activity in one place, plus insights with dashboards and reports. Connect to thousands of business apps to extend your CRM to every department. Or choose Salesforce Essentials for small businesses to manage customer relationships and grow faster. It's easy to set-up, easy to use and grows with your business. Use customer insights to prioritize intelligently and spend your time where it matters. Ulteriori informazioni su Salesforce Say hello to the worlds #1 CRM platform. Maximize sales rep productivity and help them succeed every step of the way. Ulteriori informazioni su Salesforce
DemandFarm's comprehensive Key Account Management Software is 100% native to Salesforce & MS Dynamics and integrates with other CRM's. Visualizes, governs & controls your key accounts with advanced account planning, governance & analysis. Create a relationship map with Org chart and reach the right people at the right time to strike a deal. Powerful analytics engine to provide real-time insights to sales leadership. No data entry, only data consumption from your CRM. Ideal for large enterprises. Ulteriori informazioni su KAM Suite Key Account Management Software, 100% native to Salesforce. Helps to map opportunities, visualize pipeline, do account planning & more. Ulteriori informazioni su KAM Suite
DocSend helps sales teams be more efficient by showing how and when prospects engage with sales content. Get real-time insights so you can have the right conversation, with the right person, at the right time. Control access or update your documents, even after you've sent them. Present live, with perfect quality, from any device plugin free. Ulteriori informazioni su DocSend DocSend helps sales teams find and share the content that drives deals forward. Ulteriori informazioni su DocSend
Gong turns sales enablement pros into HEROES. It automatically records and analyzes every customer conversation. How does that help you? 1) You can ramp new sellers lightning fast. They¿ll close deals right out of boot camp. 2) You¿ll know exactly where your team needs training. They¿ll become superstars. 3) You can guarantee a successful rollout of new selling motions. Say goodbye to sales methodologies that gather dust. Learn why the sales enablement community ranks Gong as their #1 tool. Ulteriori informazioni su Ramp new sellers lightning fast. Close deals right out of boot camp using conversation intelligence. Ulteriori informazioni su
Modus fornisce a produttori e fornitori di servizi una trasformazione digitale completa delle strategie per i canali di distribuzione e delle vendite, la parte più critica della catena logistica. Questa piattaforma di facilitazione delle vendite digitali di livello enterprise consente alle aziende di attrarre nuovi clienti, creare contenuti accattivanti, comunicare i fattori di differenziazione dei prodotti, confrontare l'efficacia dei materiali e concludere più affari. Oltre 70.000 professionisti delle vendite e del marketing utilizzano Modus per condurre conversazioni critiche con i clienti. Ulteriori informazioni su Modus Modus fornisce ai produttori una completa trasformazione digitale delle strategie per i canali di distribuzione delle vendite. Ulteriori informazioni su Modus is a virtual assistant to help sales and marketing teams with sales enablement. Unlike traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms, one-way email campaigns and manual follow-ups, automates many of the customer interactions currently performed manually by reps. uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and conversational technology to generate more qualified opportunities through dynamic lead capture, qualification, and nurturing. Ulteriori informazioni su AI-Powered Sales Development. Scale lead capturing, qualification and nurturing with two-way conversations, Automation and AI Ulteriori informazioni su

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Show, share & sell like never before! You don't need a six-figure budget to create an app for your sales team. With Showcase, your team have instant access to the content they need - brochures, spec sheets, videos, presentations, etc. all neatly organised and at their fingertips. Real-time control and distribution of content to your sales teams. 100% customisable and brandable - don't settle for rigid templates or themes - build presentation apps that reflect your brand! Ulteriori informazioni su Showcase Workshop Build a sales toolkit for your sales team. Your brand. Your videos. Your presentations. One source of truth. Now they're ready to sell. Ulteriori informazioni su Showcase Workshop

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VanillaSoft, the industry's most successful sales engagement platform, empowers sales teams to respond to leads faster, interact more consistently, and generate more qualified sales opportunities. Thousands of users employ VanillaSofts sales cadence automation to drive speed-to-lead, persistency, productivity and revenue-per-rep. Ulteriori informazioni su VanillaSoft VanillaSoft empowers sales teams to respond to leads faster, engage consistently, and develop more qualified opportunities. Ulteriori informazioni su VanillaSoft
Il modo di interagire delle imprese è cambiato per sempre. Il successo dei clienti non si misura solo dalle transazioni, ma dalla durata e dal valore di rete di ogni relazione d'affari. Altify guida le organizzazioni per creare valore durante il processo di vendita, trasformando ogni contatto tra acquirenti aziendali e venditori in un risultato vantaggioso per tutti. Questo permette ai team di vendita di avere un effetto maggiore grazie ad applicazioni che accelerano gli introiti, mettendo il cliente al primo posto. Ulteriori informazioni su Altify Consente di potenziare i team di vendita B2B per accelerare le entrate mettendo i clienti al primo posto e concentrandosi sulle opportunità più importanti. Ulteriori informazioni su Altify
Pipeliner CRM is all about Sales! A Sales Enablement tool that focuses on Pipeline management, sales process and analytics. Maximizing your revenue and ROI, a simple winning formula for real sales empowerment, enables you to manage your revenue, follow your sales process, and know your buyers as you continuously improve. Pipeliner CRMs Mobile App with all vital functions from anywhere for all mobile devices. Pipeliner, instant intelligence, visualized features as a CRM solution that empowers. Ulteriori informazioni su Pipeliner CRM A Sales CRM system, to maximize revenue. Sales enablement tool, focus on pipeline management, sales process and analytics! Ulteriori informazioni su Pipeliner CRM

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Docurated is the enterprise sales enablement platform that lets sales teams find, customize and share content fast. The unique DocuRank AI technology enables guided selling, recommends the highest performing content and advanced analytics let marketing attribute revenue to sales content across platforms. - Predictive content recommendations - Guided selling powered by AI - Cross-platform consumption analytics - Prove sales content ROI - Go live in weeks not month Ulteriori informazioni su Docurated Docurated is the enterprise sales enablement platform that lets sales teams find, customize and share content fast. Ulteriori informazioni su Docurated is the AI platform for data-driven sales and marketing. We give sales leaders a complete picture of sales activities and leverage AI to help them manage their teams based on hard data, rather than assumptions. Marketing teams gain visibility into how their leads move through the funnel after being passed to sales, allowing them to attribute sales activity to the right leads, campaigns, and opportunities. With AI, is finally bridging the gap between sales and marketing. Ulteriori informazioni su is a predictive sales management platform that empowers sales leaders to be more effective at managing their teams. Ulteriori informazioni su
Lessonly is powerfully simple onboarding & enablement software that helps teams learn, practice and do better work. We are used by 2 million learners at more than 600 leading companies including Trunk Club, Ibotta, U.S. Cellular, and Zendesk to share knowledge and reinforce best practices. Not to mention, increasing productivity and cutting onboarding time in half. Other features include: easy-to-use lesson creation, insights to track metrics & coaching functionality to give feedback at scale. Ulteriori informazioni su Lessonly Lessonly is training software used by over 2 million learners to turn work knowledge into productivity-accelerating Lessons. Ulteriori informazioni su Lessonly
Centralize and organize your team's work, create and share your sales playbooks, customer feedback, or any other documents your sales teams need, while staying connected every step of the way. Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, tasks, and chat in one seamless experience. Are you a Salesforce customer? Export your live CRM data directly into Quip and attach Quip docs to your opportunities and contacts. Used by thousands of the most innovative companies in the world. Ulteriori informazioni su Quip Centralize and organize your work, create and share across teams while staying connected every step of the way. Ulteriori informazioni su Quip

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Designed by seasoned sales and customer success professionals, ExecVision is the only conversation intelligence software that was built to empower organizations to coach people efficiently at scale, improving performance and driving revenue. ExecVision analyzes conversations, providing the ability to identify what was said, the context of the what was said, positive or negative reaction, and the phase of the conversation where it occurred. Ulteriori informazioni su ExecVision The only conversation intelligence platform built for coaching. Ulteriori informazioni su ExecVision


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Best Sales Enablement Solution for Salesforce & Gmail users. Our solution empowers the entire sales organization to plan and execute personalized outreach at scale with targeted campaigns, engage top accounts with smart account based sales features, and drive productivity using actionable analytics. We power industry leading sales teams around the world, including Google, Prezi, GoodData, HotSchedules, and many more. Ulteriori informazioni su Groove Best Sales Enablement Solution for Salesforce & Gmail users. Ulteriori informazioni su Groove
Territory management for Salesforce powered by zip codes. The Salesforce native RealZips app empowers your team with zip codes, geographic data structure, and market data. Help your team focus on the right geographic areas, meet the right customers, at the right time. Assign Zip codes to sales team & channel partners. Rapidly set up territories, sales quotas, lead routing & adjust ownership. Ulteriori informazioni su RealZips Territory Management RealZips - Global Territory Management. Available in Drive Sales enablement. Ulteriori informazioni su RealZips Territory Management
amoCRM è una soluzione di facilitazione delle vendite pensata appositamente per il tuo team. Potrai mantenere i rappresentanti di vendita concentrati su ciò che conta, invece che occupati ad inserire dati. amoCRM è dotato di modelli e-mail, promemoria automatici delle attività, movimento automatico dei lead attraverso la pipeline e avanzati profili con riferimenti incrociati degli stessi. Tutte le informazioni, i contatti dei lead, la cronologia delle interazioni, le note e le registrazioni delle chiamate sono archiviati in un'unica posizione. Tutte le funzionalità di amoCRM interagiscono per consentire ai tuoi rappresentanti di vendita di eseguire le proprie trattative meglio e più velocemente. Ulteriori informazioni su amoCRM amoCRM è uno strumento di gestione delle vendite facile da utilizzare, ma anche molto potente. Pipeline di vendita, monitoraggio dei lead e analisi. Ulteriori informazioni su amoCRM

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Increase Outbound Sales in 15-Minutes Guaranteed! We're so confident you'll have more live conversations and grow sales with our power dialer, you can use our full product for FREE without a credit card. Here's why we're confident: 1) Dial leads 4x faster 2) No awkward pauses after contact answers 3) Drop voicemails/emails in 1-click 4) Automate post call workflows 5) No special equipment needed. Powerful yet easy to use! Ulteriori informazioni su PhoneBurner Cloud-based Power Dialer/CRM - Dial up to 80 contacts/hour, instantly drop voicemail and email, manage contacts and close more sales. Ulteriori informazioni su PhoneBurner
GamEffective's sales enablement platform drives sales employees to adopt the processes, behaviors and knowledge they need to get great results. Using automated, data-driven feedback, personalized goals, coaching and gamification it focuses employees on the right activities, motivates action and ensures proficiency. GamEffective is trusted by the world's largest Fortune 500 enterprises such as Novartis, Microsoft and Michelin where it supercharges sales performance day by day Ulteriori informazioni su Gameffective Provide sales employees with the motivation and knowledge they need to deliver great results Ulteriori informazioni su Gameffective

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Zoho CRM offre alle organizzazioni di piccole e grandi dimensioni una soluzione completa per gestire tutte le fasi delle relazioni con i clienti permettendo di centralizzare le vendite, il marketing, l'assistenza ai clienti e la gestione dello stock in un unico sistema per le imprese. Ulteriori informazioni su Zoho CRM Zoho CRM offre alle organizzazioni una soluzione completa per gestire tutte le fasi delle relazioni con i clienti. Ulteriori informazioni su Zoho CRM
SalesScreen è uno strumento di gestione delle prestazioni che combina la ludicizzazione con la visualizzazione dei dati in tempo reale per aumentare la trasparenza, la consapevolezza e l'attività su tutti i processi più importanti per il successo e l'aumento delle entrate. Include: *Classifiche, *Concorsi di vendita, *Celebrazioni in TV, *Visualizzazione di dati, *Diapositive di contenuti, *Wall of Fame, *Gestione dei premi e MOLTO di più! Completamente personalizzabile, si integra con molti CRM e garantisce di aumentare le prestazioni e la motivazione. Ulteriori informazioni su SalesScreen Aumenta l'attività sui parametri che contano di più allineando i comportamenti desiderati con incentivi divertenti, celebrazioni e premi. Ulteriori informazioni su SalesScreen
PandaDoc sales enablement software has been designed to empower sales teams to sell efficiently and to increase overall productivity. The software is consistently rated among the top 10 sales enablement platforms which give visibility into the critical stage of the sales cycle, automate workflows, track team activity in real-time and much more. PandaDoc is highly intuitive and natively integrates with 25+ of the top business tools, including more than a dozen CRMs. Ulteriori informazioni su PandaDoc Give your sales leaders and sales reps the actionable insights they need to drive smarter business decisions. Ulteriori informazioni su PandaDoc
Crescendo is a mobile sales enablement and presentation tool tailored for field teams that require reliable access to updated content, online and offline. Crescendo turns files and folders into a branded, elegant presentation resource. Crescendo directly accesses content on corporate Sharepoint, Google Drive,, or OneDrive, so you never migrate documents outside of these proven security-approved platforms. Your teams of 10 to 500 can get started within minutes. Ulteriori informazioni su Crescendo Access & present docs from Sharepoint, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or Salesforce with this brandable mobile tool. Online and offline. Ulteriori informazioni su Crescendo
A productivity & customer engagement app for Salesforce or Dynamics that automatically captures emails, events and attachments, organizes the data and pushes the content into your CRM. Quantifies the data to create engagement scoring throughout the customer lifecycle. Measure engagement to sell more, increase retention and forecast revenue. Easy to use and embedded in the CRM UX so no change in workflows. Ulteriori informazioni su Komiko An app for Salesforce or Dynamics captures emails and quantifies engagement all within Salesforce or Dynamics CRM. Ulteriori informazioni su Komiko

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Rakuten Aquafadas consente ai team di vendita e marketing di creare facilmente contenuti e app digitali in modo estremamente attraente. Questa tecnologia include opzioni di progettazione completamente personalizzabili senza necessità di ricorrere al coding, editing in tempo reale su qualsiasi dispositivo e monitoraggio delle prestazioni, che consente ai team di migliorare la produttività e ottenere un maggior coinvolgimento degli utenti finali. Vanta oltre 10 anni di esperienza ed è scalabile con altre tecnologie Rakuten, come la chat Viber, punti fedeltà, e-book, film e altro ancora. Ulteriori informazioni su Rakuten Aquafadas Hub digitale innovativo per i team di vendita orientati alla tecnologia mobile. Sicurezza, collaborazione, gestione dei contenuti e analisi in un'unica app scalabile. Ulteriori informazioni su Rakuten Aquafadas
Prezi, the latest in presentation software, features a dynamic, flexible format that lets you move freely between topics and adapt on the fly, without having to flip through slides. By adjusting your delivery to focus on what interests your audience most, you get people invested and engaged through a whole new style of communication we call conversational presenting. The result? More meaningful dialogues and better outcomes for speakers + audiences alike. Ulteriori informazioni su Prezi Business Prezi includes new features such as live analytics, private presenter notes, and customizable designer templates. Ulteriori informazioni su Prezi Business
With Widen Templates extending from Widen's core digital asset management solution, you can create custom branded sales collateral using brand approved templates. Empower your salespeople, marketers, and dealers to localize materials like ads, brochures, flyers, sell sheets, and business collateral while giving designers multiple template options in the tool they use most. Request a demo to see it in action. Ulteriori informazioni su Widen Collective Power your content with an award-winning sales enablement solution and service beyond compare. Ulteriori informazioni su Widen Collective

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La rivoluzionaria metodologia di SalesRabbit si basa su una ricerca svolta con addetti alle vendite e i migliori team del settore. Questa tecnologia mira ai principali punti sensibili di ogni organizzazione di successo: motivazione dei rappresentanti, efficienza dei team e padronanza delle vendite. L'applicazione è concepita per aiutare la tua azienda ad apportare modifiche in grado di garantire prestazioni di alto livello a ogni porta. I CSM dedicati e il personale di supporto lavorano con l'utente per implementare queste strategie, assicurandogli di ottenere i risultati che ogni azienda di vendita porta a porta desidera. Ulteriori informazioni su Sales Rabbit L'unica scelta che facilita totalmente le vendite. Ulteriori informazioni su Sales Rabbit
Ebsta empowers thousands of companies to drive customer engagement at scale. Ebsta's Customer Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates Salesforce, emails and calendars to automatically unlock your company network, create personalised cadences, track engagement in real-time, score customer engagement and measure team performance. Ebsta's Chrome Extension is jam-packed with features to boost productivity - including Salesforce integration, email tracking, send later and meeting scheduler. Ulteriori informazioni su Ebsta Ebsta's Customer Intelligence Platform and Chrome Extension empowers companies to drive customer engagement at scale. Ulteriori informazioni su Ebsta
Powerful sales dialer. Intelligent CRM integration. Enterprise phone service. Take your sales process to the next level with one-click PowerCall dialing, local presence dialing, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, realtime call coaching, and advanced sales metrics. Take advantage of sales dialer features like local presence, automated PowerList dialing, and voicemail drop to connect with 5x more customers. Get started in 3 minutes with a free trial (no credit card required). Ulteriori informazioni su Kixie PowerCall Kixie is the fastest way to make more sales calls. Start making local or international calls in 3 minutes with our PowerCall Dialer. Ulteriori informazioni su Kixie PowerCall
Our programmable communication tool allows you to personalize your message and form of communication from voicemail, email and text messaging. Reach More Contacts | Reduce "No Show Rates" | Improve Conversions Ulteriori informazioni su Ytel Whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, or enhance the customer journey, Ytel has a solution to help you communicate. Ulteriori informazioni su Ytel

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DOOR-TO-DOOR WALKLISTS IN AN APP: Reach more people and close more sales with the Polis door-to-door sales app. Our data helps you to identify your best and most reachable prospects. Our routing software automatically creates walk lists for you, reducing your door-to-door walking time. Whatever your door-to-door objective is - door-to-door sales, lead generation, brand awareness - you can achieve those objectives with less time and more success with the Polis app. Ulteriori informazioni su Polis Door-to-door sales app that generates walk-lists and does reporting for solar, home services, cable and other sales organizations. Ulteriori informazioni su Polis
Trivie is an adaptive learning platform that uses brain science and gamification to better engage employees with training materials and improve their long-term retention of information. Trivie is inexpensive and self-service, so it requires minimal effort and has an incredibly high ROI measured in real time. For 1 employee or 50,000, Trivie can be up-and-running in less than 7 minutes. Ulteriori informazioni su Trivie Using adaptive learning and brain science, Trivie helps stop the natural forgetting of information after any training event. Ulteriori informazioni su Trivie
GleanView is B2B Sales enablement software that helps teams automate the process of finding and developing new customers. Our platform offers solutions from top to bottom of the sales funnel that accelerate prospecting, lead generation, lead management and lead nurturing. Available modules include Sales Sequences, Website Visitor ID and Prospect Finder Database. Get started with our Free trial. Ulteriori informazioni su GleanView leanView is B2B Sales enablement platfom software that helps teams automate the process of finding and developing new customers. Ulteriori informazioni su GleanView

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Ontrack Workflow's sales enablement software, featuring Salesforce integration, empowers sales teams with the ability to customize and distribute marketing assets to their prospects and customers while maintaining brand integrity. Starting with a custom branded portal, users can access and personalize assets based on rules set by the organization. Ontrack is trusted by companies like ADP, March of Dimes, Five Guys and Northside Hospital. Ontrack prides itself on responsive customer service. Ulteriori informazioni su Ontrack Workflow Ontrack Workflow streamlines the way your company administers, controls and distributes Marketing & Sales Assets. Ulteriori informazioni su Ontrack Workflow

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ClosePlan helps enterprise sales organizations optimize their opportunity-to-close process. ClosePlan Deal Scorecards helps sales qualify more effectively, providing a common qualification language across your team. With ClosePlan Relationship Maps you can build org charts with easy to use drag and drop functionality. ClosePlan Sales Playbooks make it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy by guiding them through a best practice sequence of events based on your sales methodology. Ulteriori informazioni su ClosePlan ClosePlan is a sales execution platform that helps enterprise B2B sales teams drive qualified opportunities to close. Ulteriori informazioni su ClosePlan
With nearly two decades of experience in accelerating indirect sales, Impartner delivers the industry's most advanced SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management solution, helping companies worldwide manage their partner relationships and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. The largest pure-play PRM vendor in the world, Impartner provides the industry's only out-of-the-box solution that can deploy an enterprise-class Partner Portal in as few as 30 days. Ulteriori informazioni su Impartner PRM Partner relationship management software that helps to improve loyalty and drive sales of your resellers. Ulteriori informazioni su Impartner PRM
RollWorks offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to confidently grow revenue and measure the impact of marketing campaigns. Powered by proprietary data and AI, Rollworks solutions address the needs of account-based organizationsfrom those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration. We empower teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program success. Ulteriori informazioni su RollWorks RollWorks is an indispensable platform for marketers and sellers who believe that an account-based approach is just good business. Ulteriori informazioni su RollWorks
Automatically build hierarchies in Salesforce using the parent linkage data from your data provider. Give sales reps an instant view of all Accounts in each hierarchy. Configure the fields and objects that are displayed using custom settings, to easily view Account owner, the total spend of individual Accounts, and associated Leads and Opportunities. Ulteriori informazioni su Traction Hierarchies Automatically build Account hierarchies in Salesforce, view related objects and easily identify Accounts with the most opportunity. Ulteriori informazioni su Traction Hierarchies

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SAN eForce enables pharmaceutical companies in being ahead of the changing market dynamics. It is a robust way to effectively pursue and achieve its business objectives. We allows the Sales team to target, prioritise, assess physician needs and develop solutions around those needs. The key competencies of field force can be assessed for better performance. Our analysis transforms the filed force into a customer-focused field organisation. Reporting made simple and on-the-go for the field force Ulteriori informazioni su SAN SFE SAN eForce provides Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) services to pharmaceutical companies to enhance sales and promotion of product. Ulteriori informazioni su SAN SFE
At Ciara we believe that productivity assistants are a radically new category of business software. Such assistants are all about making daily business situations easier. Instead of having to deal with dozens of tools, people want meaningful, automated solutions. The Ciara inside sales assistant offers exactly this for sales reps! With interactive sales playbooks, an objection handling feature, and an easy integration for common CRM tools, Ciara helps sales reps achieve a new productivity level. Ulteriori informazioni su Ciara Ciara is a digital inside sales assistant helping you to reach a new level of productivity. Ulteriori informazioni su Ciara
Voted the easiest sales (content) enablement platform to use, Paperflite is loved by users from across businesses big and small. Paperflite enables marketing to curate, organize, collaborate, distribute content to sales, customer success and channel partners instantly. With real time engagement analytics and a superlative content experience for buyers sales reps can now focus on the right prospects and stand out from the crowd. Ulteriori informazioni su Paperflite Paperflite enables marketing and sales teams to discover, share and track sales content and get real time engagement analytics. Ulteriori informazioni su Paperflite
Bitrix24 is #1 free sales enablement software that comes with over 35 sales enablement tools. Sure, it¿s built around an extremely powerful CRM system, but it's much more than just a CRM. First, it comes with sales force training tools. Second, it automatically records all your communications with clients, be they via phone or email. This means that a new sales person can quickly learn about any client by simply listening to past call recordings or ... Ulteriori informazioni su Bitrix24 Bitrix24 is #1 free sales enablement software used by over 4 million companies worldwide Ulteriori informazioni su Bitrix24

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Sales Cloud is a customizable CRM platform that grows with you. Get real-time customer information and activity in one place, plus insights with dashboards and reports. Connect to thousands of business apps to extend your CRM to every department. Or choose Salesforce Essentials for small businesses to manage customer relationships and grow faster. It's easy to set-up, easy to use and grows with your business. Use customer insights to prioritize intelligently and spend your time where it matters. Say hello to the worlds #1 CRM platform. Manage every stage of your customer relationships across departments.

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Discover the secret of world's best sales teams with sales enablement CRM tool by Pipedrive built by real salespeople for salespeople. Focus on activities that drive the maximum of your deals to close and become recognized sales experts as our 85,000 happy customers. With a wide variety of features, apps, and integrations ranging from content and communications management to information sharing, Pipedrive will show you how to focus on things that matter. The secret of successful sales teams is the right CRM tool. Pipedrive will help you focus on the activities that drive deals to close.
Copper (in precedenza noto come ProsperWorks CRM) è il CRM nº1 per l'assistenza alle vendite. ProsperWorks CRM si integra perfettamente con G Suite, eliminando l'inserimento manuale dei dati ed è semplicissimo da usare. Chi è in grado di utilizzare Gmail potrà utilizzare Copper senza alcun problema. Unisciti agli oltre 12.000 clienti che amano utilizzare Copper e inizia a vendere di più con il CRM oggi più apprezzato dai team. Con Copper e Google puoi concentrarti sulle relazioni anziché sui record. L'unico CRM creato per e utilizzato/consigliato da Google.
Visme transforms the way you create & share engaging Presentations, Infographics and other visual formats. It's the only content creation tool youll ever need to tell and present your stories and translate boring data. Work individually or as a team to collaborate. Publish online, embed to your site or download for offline use. Create engaging Presentations & Infographics fueled by insights, analytics & collaboration using Visme for you and your team.

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Badger Maps is a software company focused on providing the tools and applications for sales reps to be more efficient and effective in the field. Badger enables the sales team to manage their territory by combining Google Maps, data from the CRM, schedule planning, route optimization, and lead generation on the sales persons mobile device. Badger offers the best software mapping solution to map customer accounts and sales routes. Badger Maps is a customer mapping tool that allows outside sales reps to accelerate sales with automatic territory management.
Tenfold Next Generation CTI integrates with all major CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Phone Systems like Cisco, Avaya, Genesys. By connecting your phone system to CRM, Tenfold enables you to recognize and respond to your customers at the moment of interaction. With features like screen pop, unified customer profile, click-to-dial, automatic call logging, local presence dialing, and more, Tenfold powers sales, support and service teams to have better customer conversations. CTI for Sales & Contact Center - Improve Customer Experience & Productivity
Using AI, Veloxy gets sales teams to engage in Salesforce, log activities and update their pipeline on the go. Sales management get better forecasts and visibility into what (calls, emails, activities, etc) drive sales. Connect your Salesforce and Outlook/Office365 or GMail with Veloxy and track emails (single or bulk), activities, leads and contacts, all in one place. Focus on productive sales activities, while an AI based Virtual Assistant takes care of everything behind the scene. Improve Salesforce engagement and keep focus on what drives the pipeline while an AI based Virtual Assistant takes care of everything.
Outreach is a Sales Engagement Platform that makes your team's communication workflows faster and reveals performance insights that makes your team more effective at selling. Sales teams can execute playbooks that combine email, voice, and social against thousands of prospects a month! We make your sales team's outreach more effective to secure more meetings.

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Find great prospects, know who makes their buying decisions, deliver a compelling pitch and win more business using MediaRadar. We have the most relevant data, insights, and advice that you need to increase revenue now, alongside our award-winning Customer Service team built to help you win. Ready to see how MediaRadar will help you take your business to the next level? MediaRadar is a cloud-based tool that helps professionals and agencies close more deals.

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SalesLoft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customers. More than 2,000 customers use the companys category-leading sales engagement platform to engage in more relevant, authentic, and sincere ways, including Square, MuleSoft, Alteryx, and Dell. SalesLoft is the #1 sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customer.

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BuzzBoard transforms unproductive sales interactions into meaningful, customized opportunities through data-driven insights. By applying data science to the worlds most extensive collection of business intelligence about SMBs, BuzzBoard supplies the answer to the most important question for marketers and sellers: why will my prospects and customers want to engage? BuzzBoard uncovers data-driven insights about SMBs that drive more meaningful, customized conversations for marketers and sellers.

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Your sales inbox made smarter. Bring Salesforce into your Outlook and Gmail inbox. Track, test and measure all email open and link clicks in real time. Manage Salesforce from your own inbox with our sidebar that can be fully customized to your own Salesforce set-up. Outlook and Gmail integration with Salesforce, email tracking and analytics. Manage your custom Salesforce from your own inbox.
Reply is the leading sales acceleration platform that automates one-to-many communication scaling outreach capability, while keeping it 100%. Reply enables scaling sales with no extra hiring needed by automating personalized cold emails and follow-ups. Whether its inbound leads, outbound prospects, user trials or customers - Reply puts your outreach on autopilot, while still keeping each communication personal. The leading sales acceleration platform. Reply automates one-to-many communication scaling outreach capability, while keeping it 100%.
FullContact is the leading SaaS provider of identity resolution that uses their patented identity graph to enable brands and marketing platforms to resolve and enrich contact records for an enhanced customer experience and authentic customer engagement. Transform partial identities into full profiles to connect with prospects, capture audience insights, & enhance customer experiences.
LinkPoint Connect streamlines data entry and access by enabling users to instantly view CRM data within Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. Record emails, create new contacts, & sync content to the CRM from the email client. View contact, lead, and opportunity, data or record inbound/outbound emails to the CRM. Sync contacts, calendars, & tasks and work with custom objects. Integration available for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and a variety of platforms built on Salesforce. Streamline CRM productivity - view, create, sync Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with Outlook or IBM Notes.
Il social proof è più efficace per chi non si sente a proprio agio o sicuro in una situazione specifica e che, di conseguenza, deve cercare fuori se stesso indicazioni sul miglior comportamento da tenere al riguardo. Può aumentare la desiderabilità e agire come un potente attivatore di conversioni in un punto cruciale del percorso di acquisto. ProveSource è una piattaforma di marketing per social proof che trasmette i comportamenti recenti dei clienti sul sito web aziendale per creare fiducia e aumentare le conversioni. ProveSource trasforma il tuo sito web in un luogo affollato e interessante che spinge l'acquirente ad agire mostrandogli le attività recenti di altri clienti.
MarcomCentral's sales enablement tool empowers mid to large size organizations around the globe with anytime access to up-to-date marketing assets. With our self-serve platform, Sales can quickly locate, personalize, and then distribute targeted marketing assets on demand, without sending in a request to Marketing. Learn more about MarcomCentral and our Salesforce integration today! Empower Sales with anytime access to on-brand marketing assets that can be easily located, personalized, and distributed in real time.
SPOTIO is a comprehensive outside sales software for field sales managers and reps. Delivered through an intuitive mobile application for sales reps in the field and an unprecedented desktop application for managers, SPOTIO centralizes sales team activity to enable insane productivity, increase revenue, and shorten sales cycles. SPOTIO was specifically designed for outside sales teams and is proven to increase field sales productivity by 46%. Check out a free demo today! SPOTIO is the #1 Field Sales Acceleration platform to build pipeline, improve productivity, and increase sales performance
Transform your document generation and create processes that connect all parts of your business. Create an easy, accurate, efficient flow of information across the document steps that make your business run. * Set up document templates, workflows and approvals * Wizard-based document creation * Share and collaborate on documents securely in real time * Keep documents safe and accessible in a central, secure cloud repository Web-based tool that helps businesses automate document generation processes and by connecting all parts of business.
Cloud-based customer behavior analytics solution that tracks customer interactions with email content and presentations. Cloud-based customer behavior analytics solution that tracks customer interactions with email content and presentations.
Want to send emails like a PRO? Use Docsify for Gmail. It lets you track emails, links, and attachments + schedule your emails to be sent later + create and use your own templates + create and use your own text shortcuts and even more. Five reasons to chose Docsify: 1. all-in-one email tracking. 2. one-minute installation 3. easy-to-use interface 4. 24\7 customer support 5. Free plan forever. Docsify is an email tracking and email productivity tool for Gmail
3CLogic is a leading provider of multichannel cloud contact center solutions based on an innovative distributed approach. Offering next-generation multichannel communications, reporting and analytics, dynamic scripting, lead management, call routing (IVR, ACD), and third-party integrations (CRM, WFM, Ticketing, PBX), 3CLogic facilitates its clients ability to offer high-quality customer service and drive sales and marketing initiatives. Multichannel cloud contact center solution designed to help organizations streamline their sales, marketing, and service initiatives.
SalesHandy is a web based sales enablement solution used to share files, track emails, centralize document management and engage with leads. The software is best suited for small and medium sized businesses but also targets enterprise units. It helps sales team reduce sales cycle time, increase closure rate & ultimately revenue. SaleHandy is a tool which collects such behavioral insight and presents - them in an actionable format. SalesHandy is a Data analytics and Communication tool for sales teams which allows them to track performance.
Mindmatrix helps companies build smarter sales teams that can sell more, faster, by offering sales teams with a combination of sales enablement tools that help them truly connect with their prospects-at every stage of the buyer's journey. Sales enablement software that helps you truly connect with your prospects and build smarter sales teams that sell more...faster
Loved by top SaaS sales & marketing teams, Datanyze is the leader in technographics -- real-time insights based on a company's technology choices and buying signals. Technographics help you find great accounts, engage them in timely, value-driven conversations, and convert them into customers. Datanyze is used by 600+ companies around the world and has been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor. Datanyze is the leader in technographics -- real-time insights based on a company's technology choices and buying signals.

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eSpatial delivers powerful mapping in minutes. With eSpatial mapping software you can easily upload and visualize multiple layers of data. Quickly create dynamic reports. Analyze key areas and share results. It's rapid visual insight that takes the guesswork out of decision making. Transform data into clear, visual maps and graphs that yield valuable business insights.
The Value Management Office (VMO) from Ecosystems has a primary goal: to empower sales and marketing professionals to convey the unique benefits and value of their products and services to customers, with quantified insight, research, and analysis. Our software platform promotes interactive conversations for improving the performance of your marketing, sales, and customer success teams. The Value Management Office (VMO) empowers sales and marketing professionals to convey the unique value of their products and services.

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Lead Liaison provides easy to use, web-based, marketing automation software for B2B/B2C marketing and sales. We help companies qualify, manage, create and nurture leads through innovative software technology. We help marketing teams generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. We also help sales get fresh new leads, shorten sales cycles, prospect better, lose less deals to competitors and make the most out of their day by focusing on prioritized leads. Lead Liaison provides easy to use, web-based, revenue generation software for B2B and B2C marketing and sales.
Convert more leads, close more sales, track your deal flow. Get an instant snapshot of your sales pipeline without spending hours updating deals and attempting to keep up. Increase your interaction with your clients, and turn cold leads into paying customers. No longer rely on chance or guesswork when it comes to your companys most valuable assets Your sales forecast and revenue stream. Tubular really is simple sales pipeline software, built for teams. Convert more leads, close more sales, track your deal flow. Tubular is simple sales pipeline software, built for teams.


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Predictive Playbooks is an AI-powered cadence-based sales application for strategic sales teams. Playbooks guides reps with pre-set or custom cadence strategies, called Plays, through their engagement with customers and enables greater efficiency and effectiveness by delivering AI insights on who to sell to and how and when to engage. We help sales people close MORE and BIGGER deals by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the way they work
Tiled is a microapp platform built to increase viewer engagement and company insight. We take the hard work out of delivering interactive content and make it easy for sales teams to understand viewer engagement so they can close more deals. Tiled enables non-developers to create interactive multimedia experiences that perform like native apps or fully-coded websites, discover new insights with our full analytics suite, and publish instantly to customers and team members worldwide. Microapp platform built to increase engagement and deliver insight.
Your team's knowledge changes every day. Traditional knowledge base solutions like Wiki's are not optimized for these continuous changes, which inevitably leads to stale knowledge and low adoption. Distrust of your knowledge base forces the experts on your team to answer more individual questions, which means less time for them to focus on their job. Guru is the new way to capture and share knowledge with your team. Web based knowledge sharing platform providing verified information from experts on your team: where you work, when you need it most.

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FreeAgent CRM è una piattaforma di vendita, marketing e assistenza clienti basata su cloud che aiuta le piccole imprese a coltivare relazioni con i clienti di qualità. Il sistema funziona automaticamente con l'e-mail dell'utente per creare e classificare lead, seguire promemoria, eseguire automazioni personalizzate e tenere traccia di tutte le interazioni con i clienti. Una piattaforma di vendita, marketing e assistenza clienti basata su cloud che aiuta le piccole imprese a coltivare relazioni con i clienti di qualità.
WorkRamp is modern training software that helps sales teams onboard, train, and certify their reps. With our manager-led training approach, our platform enables reps to be more productive through structured activities, shadowing, and interactive certification exercises. To learn more about our solutions and how we're helping companies like Square, Intercom, and achieve transformative results, click the link above for a free trial. WorkRamp is modern training software for the enterprise. We help sales teams onboard, train, and certify their reps.
JivoChat is a business messenger solution that gives your sales team the tools it needs to efficiently automate business sales tasks. Contact management and information sharing is aided with JivoChat features such as smart triggers, advanced callback systems, and business phone telephony. Create scalable growth with a tangible record of client information and communications. Engage and pitch to clients using your website, email, phone calls, and your favorite social media messengers. Business messenger for conversions and sales. Calls, Online Chat, Email, Facebook messages and much more. All in one app, JivoChat!

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SaaS portal software for sales enablement to help share knowledge. SaaS portal software for sales enablement to help share knowledge.
VINCLE Retail Execution for CPG and Life Sciences, manages different KPIs for every customer and visit, define the right route to follow, according to customer scoring, increase your sales team performance through push notifications, and audit your sales activities in-store are some of the most relevant functionalities included on VINCLE Retail Execution. VINCLE Retail Execution manages different KPIs for every customer, define the right route to follow & increase your sales performance.
Brainshark sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching and content needed to prepare salespeople when, where and how they work. With Brainshark, companies can: enable sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed; validate readiness with sales coaching and practice that ensures reps master your message; and empower sales teams with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere. Brainshark helps reps learn and prepare wherever, whenever, and however they work -- so they're always ready for any selling situation.
We are disrupting document tracking and eSigning. Document tracking and electronic signatures are often used separately. Combine them, add intelligent sales automation and see the difference in number of closed deals. GetAccept users close 83% more deals than industry average. GetAccept offering sales proposal workflow, eSignatures, video introductions, document analytics, deal accelerator and much more! Create your free account today and learn the secret behind successful sales. Double Your Close Rate with Intelligent Sales Proposals Automation including eSigning to close more deals.

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The Zero Keyboard app supercharges Salesforce for the fastest data capture on mobile. Making sales professionals and teams more productive. Update Salesforce on-the-go with swipes, scan business cards and dictate memos. Free 30-day trial for iOS & Android. Enterprise Edition offers 100 % customized mobile Salesforce workflows for the entire organization and has built-in all the functionality of Salesforce Mobile (Salesforce1). Supercharge Salesforce. Update on-the-go with swipes, scan business cards and dictate memos. 30-day free trial, cancel at anytime

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Lead conversion solution that helps businesses boost sales and lead functions with social proof, live visitors, & real-time activities. Lead conversion solution that helps businesses boost sales and lead functions with social proof, live visitors, & real-time activities.


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An all-in-one inside sales software to help businesses - big and small - build, manage and accelerate their sales processes. Built out-of-the-box for inside sales teams, it counts amongst its many features - Cadence, Dialer, Email Tracking, Lead management and Analytics. Now, high performance sales teams can deliver predictable revenue, consistently. The all in one Inside Sales Software with features like - Sales Cadence, Sales Email, Lead Mangaement, Sales Productivity and Analytics

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Speed to Contact is an enterprise sales automation company and the makers of RICOCHET360 (the fastest internet lead dialer commercially available). Ricochet360 is ideal for both inbound & outbound call centers, including fast dialer, CRM & lead management system, cloud phone system and a rich marketing automation platform (phone, email and SMS). Sign up for a free demo and blast your contact, conversion & retention rates to new highs. Ricochet360 is the All-in-One Dialer, CRM and Marketing Automation Platform. Automate 95% of your sales workflow.
LeadLeaper is the perfect complement to LinkedIn because it provides useful features LinkedIn lacks: lets you build dozens of lists of contacts from your LinkedIn searches; gives you verified business email addresses for each contact; enables you to capture hundreds of prospects with a single click. integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, other CRMs; priced to be affordable for organizations of any size. LeadLeaper helps you find and capture hundreds of new LinkedIn leads in minutes - each with a verified business email address.
Woodpecker helps B2B companies directly contact prospective clients by automated sending of personalized sales emails and follow-ups. - Cold emails & follow-ups sent directly from your mailbox
Joomag is the all-in-one platform offering a suite of integrated solutions for every content marketing, digital publishing, corporate communications, and sales engagement needs. Over 500,000 businesses both large and small are already creating, distributing, tracking, and monetizing their online content from a central platform, streamlining workflows and becoming more productive in the process. Joomag is the all-in-one platform empowering businesses large and small to create, distribute, track, and monetize interactive content.
Manage leads in one place. Quick email prospecting. Emails automatically synced into Salesforce. Manage leads in one place. Quick email prospecting. Emails automatically synced into Salesforce.
Easily link/update Word/PowerPoint content (text, tables, and charts) based on Excel data and calculations with our Office 365 and Windows Online add-in. Automate your customer proposals, recurring business/financial reports, custom engineering datasheets, and more! Quick/secure install via the Microsoft Office Store. No registration required. Free Forever Version. Free templates to get you started. Works with Office for Windows, Office for Mac, and Office Online Easily link/update Word/PowerPoint content (text, tables, and charts) based on Excel data and calculations with our Office 365 add-in.
LiveHive is a unified sales acceleration platform for medium and low end enterprises. LiveHive's deep buyer-side engagement analytics combined with sales force automation give sales managers a single, unified view into the effectiveness of their team's sales efforts. With LiveHive's comprehensive analytics and SmartPath email and call scheduling, sales teams can personalize, speed, and automate sales processes to strengthen customer relationships and drive more sales for the business. LiveHive's sales acceleration platform includes deep engagement analytics and advanced automation for visibility into all sales stages.
SoAmpli is an award-winning advocate marketing and sales SaaS platform. Through a beautiful and user-friendly interface, SoAmpli helps companies turn their sales team into social selling stars increasing sales and powering brands. The SoAmpli platform facilitates the creation of a centralised space for heads of marketing and social media managers to quickly distribute fully-approved, 100% on-brand content to their sales team and employees. An employee advocacy platform that turns sales teams into social selling stars, increasing sales and powering brands.
Apollo is the unified engagement acceleration platform that gives reps the ability to dramatically increase their number of quality conversations and opportunities. Reps are empowered do more than just conduct outreach, they learn who to target, how to reach out, and what to say at speed and scale. We help drive growth and success by providing the means for teams to discover and utilize their organizations unique best practices. Apollo is the foundation for your entire end-to-end sales strategy.

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Demand generation isn't complete once a prospect submits a form, requesting to be contacted; the next step is to have a quality conversation with the prospect. Yet it's amazing how often the outreach to that client is delayed, often by hours if not days. ConnectAndSell fixes this problem. With our combination of patented technology and services, we ensure you're responding to those inbound leads within 5 minutes, producing a huge increase in the number of daily conversations. Use our patented Lightning conversation management system with your inside sales team and get sub-5-minute response for inbound leads.
Opphound is used by professional service businesses such as consultants, web developers and architects to manage project resources and prioritize sales opportunities. Opphound is a fast, visual, touch enabled tool to help you answer these questions about your business: What does our sales pipeline look like? What opportunities should we focus on? What resources do they need? What free resources do we have? What resources are currently over/under utilized? Sign up for a free plan now! Opphound is used by professional service businesses to manage project resources and prioritize sales opportunities.
Jumplead is inbound marketing automation software for people who want to work smarter with their online marketing, but don't want the cost and complexity of most inbound and marketing automation systems. We aim to provide practical tools and a community to support the creation of better, more effective marketing. Convert more visitors to customers with prospect identification, chat, landing pages, email marketing and automations.
Channel Rocket is purpose built to fill a gap in the sales process - the pitch. We provide sales reps with compelling sales content that meets buyer pain points matched to the right products. Our solution is an easy drill down app delivering a custom pitch for each sales opportunity. We deliver relevant content & sales-ready messaging that addresses buyer business issues - taking the content from your sales or partner portal & making it smarter. Tailored Sales Pitches. Right at Your Fingertips. SaaS sales enablement app to help you deliver buyer relevant content & sales-ready messaging to direct & indirect sales teams.
Email marketing and analytics platform for making your sales team more effective. Email marketing and analytics platform for making your sales team more effective.
Engage your prospects with hyper personalized emails, video messages, postcards, handwritten notes, and gifts. Create automated flows or send instant actions in under 60 Seconds. That Simple. Send emails and other impactful actions to increase engagement by over 50% Automatically.
19thMile is a mobile-first sales acceleration platform that guides sellers towards their goals. Our comprehensive platform helps field sales teams meet quotas consistently and predictably. 19thMile enables superior sales performance by bringing together a sales CRM, sales analytics, sales coaching and a content delivery engine, in one single app. Organizations benefit by getting complete and accurate data, shorter sales cycles, and visibility and control to influence outcomes. 19thMile is a goal driven sales acceleration platform for field sales. It enables every seller to convert faster and sell more.
Membrain is the leading sales effectiveness platform that drives the behaviors needed in complex b2b sales to increase sales effectiveness and achieve consistent performance. With Membrain your team will have all the tools to adopt the behaviors needed to increase their sales effectiveness and consistently reach their sales targets. Membrain can replace, run alongside or plug into your traditional CRM. Membrain is the #1 sales effectiveness platform for teams working with complex b2b sales to gain competitive advantage.
Colabo is a next-generation sales automation platform that provides increased functionality, productivity, and visibility for sales and marketing. Colabo sits on top of your existing CRM, allowing your team to harness powerful engagement channels like LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter & Meetups for prospecting, engaging, and tracking new leads. These activities are tracked and synced directly into your CRM providing live, accurate data for managers and executives. A Next-Generation Sales Automation Platform That Provides Increased Functionality, Productivity, and Visibility for Sales and Marketing
Sales Performance Management for Salesforce. Scorecard, Leaderboard, Goal Management, Competition, TV screen, Email alerts (conditional & scheduled) for Metric-Driven SalesTeams. Sales Performance Management solution with TV, email alerts, scorecard, leaderboard, coaching, and analytics. Salesforce native app.
Xtiva is a benchmark for Commissions Management and Compensation in Wealth Management. It is the most popular system in US Wealth Management because of its industry leading flexibility and reliability, with tens of thousands of payees processed monthly. Xtivas leading Compensation software is available for all Retail Financial Services channels, including insurance, private banking, retail banking, commercial banking and capital markets. World class incentive compensation management for financial services firms. Right reward. Right results.
Highspot gives businesses a powerful sales advantage to engage in more relevant buyer conversations and achieve their revenue goals. Through AI-powered search, analytics, in-context training, guided selling, and 50+ technology integrations, the Highspot sales enablement platform delivers enterprise-ready sales enablement in a modern design that sales reps and marketers love. The Highspot sales enablement platform delivers robust sales content management in a modern design that sales reps and marketers love.
SalesChoice is a SaaS Predictive & Prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of B2B sales. We make the world of sales smarter by analyzing Salesforce CRM data and external data sources fed into SalesChoice's predictive analytic insight engine. We specialize in sales prioritization, sales forecasting, predictive pricing , and propensity to purchase scoring, using machine learning methods. Our market entry is on the App Exchange. Friendlier & Smarter Sales Prediction Analytics Leveraging BIG DATA allows you to build email lists, set up impactful campaigns, measure results and integrate with many other services. Power up your prospecting efforts with our Chrome extension to find email addresses or import yours and we'll verify them for you. Reach out with our drip campaigns tool. Measure everything with our analytics interface and use our integrations with Zapier, PieSync or PipeDrive to bring your sales to the next level. allows you to build email lists, set up impactful campaigns, measure results and integrate with other services.
Location intelligence solution that helps organizations understand where their businesses are and in which direction they need to go. Location intelligence solution that helps organizations understand where their businesses are and in which direction they need to go.

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RoloCRM automatically logs client calls and SMS messages on your CRM. RoloCRM is an Android app that looks and feels like a stock dialer/SMS app but connects to your CRM on the backend. What's more, RoloCRM provides one touch access to the client's CRM record when your client calls you. The easy UI coupled with powerful features will help your team focus on selling rather than on data entry. RoloCRM works with Hubspot, Zoho CRM and Freshsales. More integrations are on the way. The RoloCRM app auto logs calls & SMS on your CRM. It combines powerful features with an easy UI to help your team close deals faster.
For medium to large businesses - TOTUS is a multi-channel sales enablement platform for housing, personalizing, and distributing marketing materials. By working with your marketing teams, your distributed sales force can now customize, print, and send marketing collateral more efficiently through a variety of channels like email, direct mail, social media, and more. TOTUS is a robust integration platform, often integrating with specialty vendors, custom development or industry specific systems. Enables you to manage your documents, sales efforts, control your expenditures, and generate reports that provide total visibility.
MindTickle is defining what great Enterprise Sales enablement looks like. By leveraging the most comprehensive data-driven Enablement platform on the market, you will gain the ability to develop, coach and improve the performance of your sales reps independent of their location. Reduce sales ramp by 60%, double competitive win-rates & increase deal sizes w/MindTickle. This solution correlates sales capabilities to business outcomes, so you can directly tie sale enablement impact to revenue. MindTickle is a data-driven sales enablement platform designed to help train, develop & coach sales teams, improving their performance.
The Onsight app helps improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Sales reps can use their mobile devices to show new products to customers and to quickly create quotes and orders whilst on the road, even when they are offline. Onsight is a cloud app that is available on iPad's, iPad Mini's, Windows tablets, Android tablets and Android phones. Onsight helps wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to speed up order entry for their outside sales teams.
BuyerDeck is a sales enablement platform that allows sales to find and use the right content at the right times. Drawing from a central repository of all shareable collateral, sales teams can put together engaging and valuable collections of content and share with their customers in seconds. Analytics, engagement, content utilization, intelligent recommendations, content tagging, CRM syncing and more... We help enablement and marketing to also understand the impact content has on the sales org BuyerDeck is a sales enablement platform that allows sales to find and use the right content at the right times.
Automated prospecting solution with data search, enrichment, and verification systems to help you close deals. Automated prospecting solution with data search, enrichment, and verification systems to help you close deals.
integrated and visually appealing catalogues and images, barcode scanning and stock replenishment order modes, the iPad App provides workflows to suit the whole sales team. Orders are processed instantaneously from the iPad, meaning time consuming paper intensive tasks and data entry is eliminated. The Inzant Sales backend system serves a 1 data point, full eCommerce hub supporting instant data transfers between Inzant Sales and MYOB. We also provide quality phone, email and online support. The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry by seamlessly transferring orders into your ERP

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Equip your mobile field sales force with instant access to key information where most needed, in front of your customers by allowing them to perform order entries, work with approved pricing and promotions, make inventory look-ups, collections and much more. Manage your sales teams' documents, contacts, meetings, performance, client presentations and territory (routes) with MultiRoute. MultiRoute is a tool intended for mobile sales team, allowing them to invoice and much more from your mobile device.
Kiflo is a SaaS software dedicated to the management and optimization of partner relationships (PRM). With Kiflo, make it easy for your partners to onboard, communicate on a single platform, track and optimize your indirect sales. Your partners will be able to easily transmit new opportunities to you, monitor their evolution or access shared ressources (training, contracts, etc.). For your part, transfer your leads to them and monitor their progress. Kiflo PRM helps companies manage their partner relationships & accelerate revenue through indirect sales channels
Raven360 is an enterprise-grade LMS that helps organizations grow sales and increase customer loyalty through training and coaching. Our tool is a great fit for companies with complex products and distributed teams. Companies like Google, Pearson, Mondelz International and Juniper use our LMS platform. Drive employee, customer and partner training and certification with Raven360. Keep your content free or monetize it. Your choice. Do it all from one single place. A great fit for companies with complex products and distributed teams looking to grow sales and increase customer loyalty through train
Verishow is the sales enablement platform for modern sales teams. Simplify the sales process, present faster and improve performance. Built-in sales tools that remove the complexity of connecting prospect and salesperson with the content required to close a deal. VeriShow streamlines the entire sales process, from engagement to presentation and contract signing with click-to-connect omni-channel technology. VeriShow's sales technology provides everything a salesperson needs to connect, present and close with prospects online.
Silktide Prospect is a white label Digital Health Check that provides detailed customer insight designed to engage the customer and optimise the consultative sale of Digital Marketing Services including Websites, SEO, SEM, GMB, Local, Reputation, Social, Video etc to Small Businesses. Available globally our solution is used by thousands of sales people selling Digital Marketing Services to small businesses. Optimises sales of Digital Marketing Services to SMB's using an online health check to support a consultative sales engagement.
With Data Dwell Sales Enablement, Sales and Marketing teams have the insights they need to close deals faster. Achieving true Sales and Marketing alignment means gathering and using accurate data to create and share winning sales content, tracking content consumption analytics, measuring prospect engagement, and identifying key stakeholders - all from your Salesforce CRM. Align Sales & Marketing with a win-win Sales Enablement tool both teams will love without ever leaving Salesforce
A sales enablement solution with features for collaboration & workflow, quote generation & management, CRM integration, and more. A sales enablement solution with features for collaboration & workflow, quote generation & management, CRM integration, and more.

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VPlaybook is the leading sales enablement platform. With a sales playbook in an interactive guide focused exclusively on the customer conversation from preparation to presentation, the vPlaybook sales enablement platform is built by sales people for users who are looking to lead successful sales conversations. Experience what more than 100,000 salespeople have using our sales enablement platform. Try the vPlaybook software for yourself with a free 14-day trial. A sales playbook in an interactive guide focused exclusively on the customer conversation from preparation to presentation.
ResponseiQ has one mission: to enable businesses to speak with more potential customers than ever before. We increase the conversion rate of website visitors to real sales-driven enquiries by 60%. Our easy to install callback widget offers free and instant callbacks to prospects who are on your site and ready to buy. Our technology sends the calls to your available agents and connects the two in under 27 seconds. Intelligent instant callback platform to engage with visitors and leads at the perfect time - when they're on your site.
Who Uses This Software? Marketing and sales professionals who want to optimize their sales and marketing processes, encourage collaboration across their organizations and improve business results. Mobile Locker is a powerful, yet cost-effective, sales enablement system. It makes it easy for marketers to develop, update and distribute content and monitor its usage and effectiveness. The app also makes it simple for salespeople to access and customize sales materials and share them with buyers. Mobile Locker enables you to easily upload and distribute all of your sales materials, presentations, & forms to the right team members
Revegy provides the sales platform that lets companies literally see what's going on inside their largest accounts. Founded in 2005, Revegy helps sales teams navigate the maze of changing relationships, competing interests, and corporate politics that always come with key accounts. Ours is the only platform designed to work with any CRM and any sales methodology. Today, 30,000 users around the world rely on Revegy to manage nearly $25 billion in revenue. Revegy. See the way to win. Revegy is a sales platform for key account management. Revegy. See the way to win.
Folloze is an online content curation and content management tool for businesses. It lets you build beautiful content boards, instantly engage groups from within or outside your company and track what content is working and whos into it. How customers use Folloze: - Sales people deliver powerful content to close more deals faster. - Marketers get the most effective material to sales reps. - Marketing and sales teams track the competition. Simple, powerful way to engage colleagues and customers with great content: videos, links, pictures and files.
Visitlead is a completely new and unique On-Site Marketing Tool, which combines all features in a single solution. What possible with Visitlead? To identify promising Visitors instantly - and to start a sales conversation with them! Send fitting offers, latest informations or other things that might be interesting; start a sales conversation (even with real voice & video chat) and convince them of your product. For an online demo please contact us directly! Web based solution for Live Chat and Sales Enablement. Real Time Monitoring, Live Chat, Co-Browsing, Heat Map, Exit Intent, ...
When you communicate through emails and documents, you lose all non-verbal communication. You cant see how theyre responding as you deliver content and messaging. What's more, you spend half your time reaching out at the wrong time - when theyre in a meeting, when theyre at the gym - so you dont get through. Attach solves all of this for you. Without changing your workflow, Attach creates a whole new level of insight into the conversation and improves your ability to sell. Track your email attachments to know who opens your documents, what they read & when so you have the visibility to move deals forward.
Sales Enablement - professional software for boosting your company revenue. Plan, organize, track, monitor all inbound and outbound communication with customers. Optimize your marketing and sales activities based on reports, dashboards, call recordings. Focus Contact Center is an intelligent, multichannel communication platform for Your Business Ensure total customer care by organizing and monitoring processes. Take control over your marketing and sales tasks. Sales Enablement - professional software for boosting your company revenue. Organize, track, monitor all sales activities in 1 platform
SmartCloud Connect is #1 Enterprise Solution that brings Salesforce right to your Inbox and Calendar. It is highly customizable and lets you synchronize emails, meetings and tasks between your CRM and Office 365, Outlook, Gmail. Using our contextual sidebar you can see and edit everything you need about leads, contacts, opportunities and other custom objects right from your Inbox. SmartCloud lets you sync emails, tasks, files between Outlook and Salesforce. It also allows you to work with CRM directly form Outlook
A sales enablement platform that provides the best in sales presentation software. Access the right content at the right time. A sales enablement platform that provides the best in sales presentation software. Access the right content at the right time.
The Goalplan Solution combines Visibility, Accountability, Engagement, and Execution into a single software toolset, available in App Store, Google Play, and web browsers. Whether you are a Sales Manager on the go, a Team Leader managing sales staff, or a Sales Representative meeting people and closing deals, Goalplan is designed for you. Easily and effectively manage KPIs, Budgets, Coaching, Training, Sales Competitions, Well-being and more throughout your entire organization. Performance management software that helps distributed sales & service organizations with actionable insights into sales & distribution
Touch & Sell provides a cloud platform to create and manage a commercial presentation app dedicated to sales meetings thought for customers. Successful sales meetings require compelling presentations, which convey a modern and innovative image of the company and make use of the latest digital resources. With Touch & Sell, lets empower the sales department by creating a team-specific sales app independently in the back-office, collaborating seamlessly with the marketing. Touch & Sell provides a cloud platform to create and manage a commercial presentation app dedicated to sales meetings thought.

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Web-based solution that provides proposal management through content delivery, administration, communication and more. Web-based solution that provides proposal management through content delivery, administration, communication and more.
Consensus is software that automates the product demo, and provides never before available visibility into the entire buying panel. With Consensus, prospective customers can get a personalized product demo, and share it with other stakeholders in the organization. Because closed sales now only require 1-2 live product demos, sale teams improve productivity by up to 3X, in addition to being provided with the analytics necessary to engage the entire buying panel in more a meaningful way, begin clo Our Consensus technology delivers a personalized video experience to each new prospect. Then, as your prospect shares Consensus with
Engage helps you sell immediately anywhere online. It enables sales professionals to be available for live omni-channel customer interactions and sales. Engage is as useful to the daily life of a salesperson as telephone or email. Our clients deploy Engage to various digital touch points so their sales team members can instantly interact one-on-one with visitors, prospects and customers. Engage represents a new way to sell across digital channels. It is polite, friendly, and authentic. An online, real-time sales management platform. It enables sales professionals to be available for immediate, web-based sales.

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Web-based sales and marketing optimization solution that helps Marketo and Hubspot with email intelligence. Web-based sales and marketing optimization solution that helps Marketo and Hubspot with email intelligence.
vablet is a sales enablement platform that makes it easy for any organization to give their sales team a sales solution that actually empowers them to close sales. We excel at regulated industries like Life Sciences and Banking where not having the correct content can result in penalties. We help our customers drive enterprise-wide productivity, offer differentiated yet branded user experiences, and open new growth opportunities both internally and externally. Sales enablement platform that allows you to get control of your content, close sales quicker, and grow your business.
Breezz CRM is designed to optimize the sales process for SMBs. It includes a user-friendly deals pipeline that gives you an overview of your entire sales process at a glance. You can add tasks directly to your deals, and these are displayed as color-coded icons on the pipeline. In this way, you can get an idea of your next sales moves within seconds. The integrated agenda helps you organize your time and prioritize your tasks for your hottest leads, and the Gmail integration allows you to manage Breezz CRM optimizes the sales processes of SMBs with a smart sales pipeline, integrated email and agenda, and a high level of customiz
Kiite helps sales teams capture, organize, and share their documented and tribal knowledge. Sales leaders and sales reps use the web app to organize their information cards by creating cards, and remixing them into customized playbooks. Card content isn't limited to institutional knowledge; cards can be user-generated, automatically generated from chat dialogue and questions, or crowdsourced from subject matter experts on-demand. Kiite uses machine learning and natural language processing to give employees more autonomy and make managers more productive.
SalesValue is the next generation Sales Enablement solution. We enable your sales and marketing team through: - Intelligent content management - Automated knowledge sharing - Personalized recommendations - Recommendations linked to the buyer journey - Analytics and insights Unlike the old Sales Enablement solutions, that are focused on top down management, SalesValue activates the knowledge and power of your whole organization, by using modern machine learning algorithms. Next generation sales enablement solution, that activates content from all employees and powers the sales process.
TechValidate from SurveyMonkey is a SaaS platform that helps you create credible content, sourced directly from your satisfied customers. The best way to prove product value is through the voice of the customer, and TechValidate harnesses this feedback to generate public-facing marketing collateral. Current customers include IBM, HP, and Fujitsu, among others. Get a free demo today! TechValidate from SurveyMonkey is a SaaS platform that helps you create credible content, sourced directly from satisfied customers.
KZO makes managing your video library simple by giving users access to content from anywhere. Organize / group by playlists, and easily search content and discussions. KZO also let you synchronize your video with accompanying materials. KZO, the simple way to Create videos from any device anytime, Share videos within any LMS or portal, and Socialize your video, engage social learning, letting viewers add comments, ask questions and get answers. Allows you to deliver on-demand videos from any app including web portals, SharePoint, or any popular Learning Management Systems.
Cloud-based sales enablement tool which assists firms with outbound prospecting, dynamic routing and team dialing. Cloud-based sales enablement tool which assists firms with outbound prospecting, dynamic routing and team dialing.
MarCom On Demand is a cloud-based solution for managing the assets, processes and workflows critical to an organization's marketing efforts and effectiveness. MarCom On Demand is the industry-leading cloud-based solution for managing marketing assets, processes and workflows.
Zoho Motivator is a gamification solution that works with Zoho CRM to drive desired practices in sales teams and boost revenue, while ensuring the team has fun in the process. Zoho Motivator complements Zoho CRM and is aimed at helping users get the most out of their software. All basic CRM data like leads, potentials, etc. are automatically synced from the user's CRM account the moment they sign up for Zoho Motivator. Zoho Motivator is a gamification product to boost revenue by driving best practices in sales teams while ensuring salespeople have fun.
Data-driven Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to maximize revenue and margin performance. The solutions data science-driven guidance provides recommendations for the right offer at the right price based on customer segmentation, buying patterns and willingness to pay. In addition, advanced guided selling allows you to intelligently cross-sell and upsell. Data-driven Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) with price guidance to maximize revenue and margin performance.
Pitcher is the first company to successfully harness the true potential of mobile for Field Sales in vertical markets. Our platforms unique benefits, deep technology, and real-world usability provide reps complete functionality in a mobile experience they love and trust. We make them feel more comfortable and look better. Pitchers award-winning unified management, sales, marketing, operations, and ordering enable our customers to quickly deliver on the promise of the mobile revolution. End-to-end complete Sales Enablement Solution with turnkey integrations to SFDC, Oracle, and MS Dynamics.
Boxxstep is a B2B sales tool that helps you manage your important opportunities from the buyers perspective. Our relationship mapping complements your CRM with highly visual buyer team organigrams and profiles and captures prospects business problems and buying process. Our relationship mapping organigrams show decision roles, reporting lines and internal politics which help you navigate complex sales opportunities. Boxxstep improves sales qualification, forecasting and close rates. Boxxstep focuses on the intangibles of an opportunity, the who, why, what, when and how, including relationship mapping organigrams.
Take your sales performance to another level with intelligence-led, rich content email. Take your sales performance to another level with intelligence-led, rich content email.
A tool that connects Outlook and Gmail with CRM systems to offer a wholistic view of customer communications. A tool that connects Outlook and Gmail with CRM systems to offer a wholistic view of customer communications.
Napp is a Sales Enablement platform that boosts B2B sales by creating better client conversations. Marketing and sales content is managed in one place and easily segmented to ensure that it is distributed to the right sales reps. Segmentation and personalization of content ensures that conversations with clients become relevant. Product, price and stock lookup allow sales reps to address client requests during meetings, and with order placement in app, deals can be closed at the table. A Sales Enablement platform that creates better client conversations by gathering relevant sales content in one place.
Cloud-based tool that enables users to connect their Salesforce account and consolidate the data into a single view for easy access. Cloud-based tool that enables users to connect their Salesforce account and consolidate the data into a single view for easy access.
Sales enablement and CRM solution that automates customer activity monitoring and sales force activities. Sales enablement and CRM solution that automates customer activity monitoring and sales force activities.
Intelliverse is a global leader in sales accelerated enterprise software and managed services. The Company's patent-pending Sales Acceleration software makes outside and inside sales teams more effective. Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Managed Services enable businesses to focus on closing sales by relying on Intelliverse for upper funnel activities, such as appointment setting and lead qualification. Intelliverse has been delivering reliable, scalable and flexible se Intelliverse's software increases sales productivity by 42%, generates up to 300% more leads and grows revenue up to 30% in 90 days.
Salesframe is a tool that brings sales and marketing together. Big or small, it helps your company make the most out of its marketing material and sales meetings. Share your content, Present your case, Win them over. Salesframe is a sales enablement tool for teams of all sizes
Yooba Slides is an integration for Pipedrive CRM. With Yooba Slides sales reps always get to know: 1. When a prospect has engaged with sales content 2. How to prioritize deals in the sales pipeline 3. Which prospects to call everyday Yooba Slides is a sales engagement tool that qualifies your prospects and deals. With Yooba all sales collateral get accessible through Pipedrive; used for sales activities with engagement data back connected to a deal. Yooba provides sales engagement data for Pipedrive CRM to manage opportunities, maximize rep performance and improve sales outcome.
Workflow management platform that enables sales engagement through tools for productivity and prospecting engagement insights. Workflow management platform that enables sales engagement through tools for productivity and prospecting engagement insights.
We bring meetings to life | We believe in driving breakthrough results for our customers by building beautiful technology that delivers real-time, interactive insights in every meeting. Mediafly is the Evolved Selling Platform for your business. Dynamic | Interactive | Data-driven insights | CRM continuous feedback. Mediafly is the Evolved Selling Platform for your business. Dynamic | Interactive | Data-Driven Insights | CRM Continuous Feedback
Marketing automation software that offers starts with a Free account. You have 5 different packages starting from $29/month. You also have a "Pay as you Go" option. Makesbridge's Bridgemail System covers all essential prospect management features, like; email marketing, direct mail, lead nurturing, sales automation, landing pages, auto-responders, , campaign tracking, and web analytics. Makebridge enjoys 5 star rating at Salesforce and supports integration with all popular CRM tools. Marketing and sales automation platform that helps companies in prospect management, lead nurturing and optimized email marketing.
Synthio is a Data as a Service platform that automates the cleansing, standardization, and synthesis of data to make it actionable for immediate marketing and sales use. The platform is made up of the worlds largest and most accurate global database, and is constantly being refreshed. Whether inside of a CRM or a MAP, the application cannot only enrich our clients databases with up-to-date real-time information, but it can generate net-new targeted contacts, for more effective campaigns. Database management solution that cleanses & enriches marketing databases and offers contact acquisition through a robust search engine
Pitchly organizes and activates your companys propriety data by creating a single source of truth for your team to win deals and create dynamic customer-facing content in real time. Pitchly is a secure, cloud-based platform that makes data accessible and reliable for use in business decisions and content automation.

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Artesians powerful sales enablement platform equips your client-facing staff with the insight they need to have relevant and timely conversations with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the sales cycle. Artesian is designed for client-facing B2B professionals from business development, sales and marketing, to customer service. With real-time business insight, you can take control, build relationships, uncover new opportunities & accelerate sales enablement.