Corrective and Preventive Action Software

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) software helps organizations identify, track, and take actions towards eliminating non-conformities.

Perché Capterra è gratis offre una piattaforma per dispositivi mobili versatile, progettata per trasformare processi lunghi e basati su carta in moduli di facile utilizzo. La soluzione CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Actions) per dispositivi mobili e offline di, consente agli utenti di accedere e compilare moduli ovunque, anche senza una connessione Internet. La piattaforma offre alle imprese una solida suite di strumenti di business intelligence, flusso di lavoro e gestione delle attività. Esperti di soluzioni lavoreranno con te in ogni fase del percorso, per creare la soluzione ideale per il tuo processo specifico. Ulteriori informazioni su Garantisci la conformità, automatizza le CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Actions), apporta miglioramenti continui con la piattaforma d' ispezione per dispositivi mobili di Ulteriori informazioni su
Intellect's Quality Suite is a software solution proven to enhance quality operations and reduce overall quality costs by 40%. Our cloud-based applications are designed by certified quality experts and can easily be tailored with no code, drag and drop technology to fit your exact business needs. With automated workflow functionality you are now enabled to decrease time spent on manually consuming tasks. Apps include Document Control, Employee Training, Audit Management, CAPA, and Nonconformance Ulteriori informazioni su Intellect Intellect's QMS solution enhances product quality and operational efficiency resulting in increased revenue and happy customers. Ulteriori informazioni su Intellect
EHS Insight is the best value in CAPA Management Software available today. It has everything you need to report and track corrective and preventative actions to find and fix problems related to compliance with company, regulatory, and industry requirements. Trust the industry leader first with offline access, first with a full-suite mobile application and first in the cloud. Ulteriori informazioni su CAPA Software EHS Insight has everything you need to manage, report, and track corrective and preventative actions. Ulteriori informazioni su CAPA Software

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Arena's product-centric quality management system (QMS) streamlines new product introduction processes by managing product and quality records in a single system. Arena helps ensure regulatory compliance to quality standards and regulations including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Part 820, and ISO13485. Arena's unified QMS solution enhances visibility and traceability by controlling quality processes in context with bills of materials (BOMs), SOPs, DMRs, DHFs, specifications, drawings, and training plans. Ulteriori informazioni su Arena QMS Arena Quality enables continual process improvements, higher quality products, and cost reductions across the entire value chain. Ulteriori informazioni su Arena QMS
Purpose-built for quality managers, RizePoint's quality management software empowers you to collect and analyze meaningful data so you can gain visibility, drive improvement, and keep brand promises. You'll gather better data, see more with intelligent analytics, and spot trends so you act faster when issues arise. Ulteriori informazioni su RizePoint RizePoint software creates a hub of valuable compliance information to align organizational focus on brand protection and enhancement. Ulteriori informazioni su RizePoint
Effectively managing nonconformances and corrective/preventive actions (CAPA) is an integral part of an organizations continual improvement plan. Intelex's Nonconformance & Corrective/Preventive Action management software enables organizations to capture, track and maintain accurate, auditable nonconformance records. This user-friendly software solution manages all discovered nonconformances and enables comprehensive preventive planning. Ulteriori informazioni su Nonconformance & CAPA Software Trusted since 1992 with over 1.6 million users worldwide. Record, track and report your safety incidents, accidents and injuries. Ulteriori informazioni su Nonconformance & CAPA Software

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The SBS Quality Database is a simple, inexpensive, ISO 9001 compliant software program that allows small businesses to efficiency manage the Quality System. The database tracks corrective actions, preventive actions (CAPA), internal audits, safety improvement, supplier corrective actions, continual improvement projects. Compile and analyze Customer Survey results. Identify and minimized risk using the risk management (FMEA) module. Document QMS review meetings and results. Ulteriori informazioni su Quality Database Track corrective actions, risk management, nonconformances, improvement projects, and audits for ISO9001 compliance. Ulteriori informazioni su Quality Database
Building on 30+ years of experience, IQS is modern, enterprise-grade quality management software designed to help our customers ensure compliance and bring the highest quality products to market. Designed to automate the mundane and make difficult tasks easy, IQS delivers tangible results and cost savings through efficient workflow routing and extensive integrations. As a SaaS platform, IQS provides the availability and security demanded by todays enterprises. Ulteriori informazioni su Quality Management Software IQS is quality management software designed to help our customers ensure compliance and bring the highest quality products to market. Ulteriori informazioni su Quality Management Software
More people trust VelocityEHS than our five biggest competitors combined. Our CAPA software gives you the freedom to manage and report on actions across all of your EHS activities in one place. Quickly assign tasks, set up automatic escalating email notifications, and ensure follow through. Imagine your audits, inspections, incidents, change management, training running into a single dashboard. Its award-winning software at a great price. Be up and running in as little as two to four weeks. Ulteriori informazioni su CAPA Software VelocityEHS makes it easy for you to reduce enterprise risk by ensuring hazards are abated and the loop is closed on corrective actions Ulteriori informazioni su CAPA Software
ARMATURE builds smart CAPA software for manufacturers and organizations that measure quality. Our holistic & scalable platform manages the end-to-end CAPA process, with tools for process management, audit management, CAPAs, standards management, and more. Our software is highly configurable, so companies can plug in their existing processes & specify the data they wish to collect--and then make updates when things change. ARMATURE makes quality and compliance easier than ever! Ulteriori informazioni su ARMATURE Fabric for Quality Management ARMATURE builds intuitive & configurable quality management software for manufacturers and organizations that measure quality. Ulteriori informazioni su ARMATURE Fabric for Quality Management

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The most cost-effective tool to assist you with CAPA Management for over 15 years. Easily track and report on your organization's CAPA program. Send automatic email alerts to responsible parties, calculate risk assessment, and stay on top of action items. IndustrySafe's Corrective Action software can be configured to capture the data you need. With an easy-to-use interface and highly praised customer support, managing CAPAs will never be easier. Learn more by signing up for a free demo! Ulteriori informazioni su IndustrySafe Track CAPA completion and follow up with automatic email alerts. Configurable to capture & report on the CAPA data you need. Ulteriori informazioni su IndustrySafe
Greenlight Guru is the only electronic Quality Management Software (eQMS) designed by medical device professionals specifically to meet the unique needs of medical device companies. Our comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution is based on the latest FDA and ISO standards and best practices, all of which are meticulously woven into every feature within the cloud-based platform. Join hundreds of other medical device companies working with us to shift your focus from just compliance to True Quality. Ulteriori informazioni su Medical Device QMS Software Greenlight Guru's eQMS allows companies to bring high-quality medical devices to market safely and quickly - reducing risks and costs. Ulteriori informazioni su Medical Device QMS Software
Is your life sciences compliance profile hampered by homegrown tools like physical paper and spreadsheets? ZenQms offers a part 11 compliant system that can help you manage documents, CAPA's, training records, and more. With extremely affordable solutions, unlimited seats and setup time measured in days we help you dramatically improve your quality compliance profile Ulteriori informazioni su ZenQMS Modern, Part 11 compliant platform for document management, CAPAs, training management, audits & supplier management. Ulteriori informazioni su ZenQMS
Basicsafe was built to make your life easy. Most EHS managers have good programs but the tools they have are holding them back. Paperwork and spreadsheets can be frustrating, time consuming, and unreliable. Our EHS tools take the processes you are used to and simplify them, allowing you to get the most out of your program and save time! Companies such as Boise Cascade, State of Colorado, Oregon Dept of Corrections, and Kaiser Aluminum, rely on BasicSafe! Available on mobile, tablet, and computer Ulteriori informazioni su BasicSafe Tools include: LOTO, Audit, JSA, SDS, Incident & Investigation, PSM, Training and many more. Try BASICSAFE and experience the success! Ulteriori informazioni su BasicSafe
We get it, youre busy! With an ever-growing list of safety regulations, its hard to know where to focus which can make it difficult to keep safety the top priority. On top of all that, you have the EHS software overkill that leaves you overwhelmed and unproductive. Thats where we come in. The real value of iReportSource is not the software itself, but how well it helps you do your job and achieve your goals. We arent another software, WE ARE THE SOLUTION! Ulteriori informazioni su iReportSource The real value of iReportSource is not the software itself, but how well it helps you do your job and achieve your goals. Ulteriori informazioni su iReportSource

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(8 recensioni) è uno strumento completamente personalizzabile in grado di funzionare su tutti i dispositivi, online e offline. Potrai eseguire verifiche e ispezioni mentre sei in movimento con il tuo cellulare o tablet e continuare a lavorare su un computer, se preferisci. Potrai allegare immagini e altri file, assegnare e notificare le persone responsabili, condividere report PDF automatizzati con le parti interessate e analizzare i rallentamenti e le tendenze grazie alle statistiche in tempo reale. Infine puoi controlla il materiale qui sotto e inizia oggi stesso a ottimizzare i processi di controllo e ispezione nella tua organizzazione! Ulteriori informazioni su Sicurezza in mobilità, offline, qualità, salute e sicurezza, ispezioni ambientali e di impianto, valutazioni, creazione di report e analisi su qualsiasi dispositivo. Ulteriori informazioni su

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MasterControl CAPA¿ takes a holistic approach to CAPA management by integrating it with associated processes. For example, when a user encounters an issue that warrants a CAPA in another part of the MasterControl solution, the CAPA can be launched directly from that page. Information from that page is automatically populated into the CAPA form, reducing human error. The solution also monitors trends in quality events and guides users through their investigation of the root cause of the issue. Quality Management Software; includes electronic document control, training control, corrective action, audit, supplier mgmt, and more.
Dashpivot consente alle aziende edili, minerarie, petrolifere, del gas e di altri settori di acquisire, monitorare e intraprendere azioni preventive e correttive in modo più efficace, per migliorare la conformità. La piattaforma digitalizza e automatizza la gestione delle ispezioni, la gestione dei cambiamenti e dei rischi, il controllo qualità, il monitoraggio delle non conformità e molto altro tramite funzionalità intelligenti e di facile utilizzo. Le aziende di oltre 70 Paesi utilizzano Dashpivot per migliorare i propri processi e risultati delle CAPA. Provalo gratis oggi. Software CAPA versatile e intuitivo che consente alle aziende di vari settori di migliorare il modo in cui acquisiscono, monitorano e mettono in pratica le CAPA.
Trusted by large organizations with unique requirements, DevonWay CAPA is tailored to your exact business rules, data, and workflow, minimizing change management and virtually guaranteeing project success. Customers such as NiSource, Arizona Public Service, and Idaho National Labs use Devonway CAPA to help them comply with ISO 9001 standards, identify non-conformities, and prevent repeat issues. Continuously improve the quality, safety, and performance of your operations with a fully tailored solution that doesn't require IT.
Simplify quality management + regulatory compliance with one versatile system. The AssurX platform is a software system that automates quality and compliance to help companies streamline workflow, control risk and better manage their operations. Begin with functionality you need now, then implement what you like as you're ready. No other system is easier to deploy, configure, use and modify. Companies of every size and industry - that's 100s of 1000s of users worldwide - rely on AssurX daily. Quality Management Software (QMS Software) for regulated businesses. Streamline workflow, track + resolve issues with one easy system.

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TrackWise offers a comprehensive approach to quality management. It helps increase visibility and transparency across your company and your supply chains. And, helps you address key challenges, including tougher compliance requirements, tighter budgets, greater infrastructure complexity, and stronger customer expectations. Most importantly, it automates quality processes and thereby by improve efficiency, allowing you to go beyond compliance and make real product quality improvements. Quality management software for GMP regulated companies that streamlines, automates, and helps lower your total cost of quality.
Predictive Solutions works with organizations to deliver actionable insights on workplace risk while creating a lasting culture that eliminates incidents. We leverage artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and a dedicated team of safety professionals. We've helped organizations cut down on incident rates by 83%, reduce lost time due to incidents 88%, and establish a safety-first workplace culture that prevents incidents before they happen. Predictive Solutions is the only safety platform that answers the question: Will I have an incident tomorrow, and how can I prevent it?
An intuitive, cloud-based quality management software that automates a company's quality management system. No consultant required. An intuitive, cloud-based quality management software that automates a company's quality management system. No consultant required.

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Engaging online safety training in HR compliance and EHS competencies, as well as targeted training for specific industries. SafetySkills offers a comprehensive online solution for users to select and assign interactive compliance training to their employees on a pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription basis. The SafetySkills team has developed and deployed over 600 EHS online training titles for organizations in sixteen countries and in six languages. Simple-to-use online safety training courses to help you increase workplace safety and stay compliant.

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Cloud-based, software solution to track your fleet, drivers, and high-value assets to help manage DOT and OSHA safety compliance. Software includes modules for personnel, assets, incidents, and training. Cloud-based, software solution to help manage DOT and OSHA safety compliance for personnel, assets, accidents, and training.

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SmartSolve solutions by Pilgrim, an IQVIA Company, automate and simplify the complex challenges of quality, supplier, regulatory, and risk management by incorporating best-practice workflows, document and process management, electronic signatures, audit trails, dashboards and analytics, and automated validation. With SmartSolve, you have solutions to efficiently handle audits, take control of quality and supplier management, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Complete quality, supplier, compliance, and risk management solutions for life sciences.
MatrixALM is a cloud-based requirement and risk management solution designed with medical device companies in mind. In addition to all the features you can expect from a complete requirements solution, MatrixALM offers features that are necessary for any medical company that will need to certify a product. MatrixQMS is a companion product that allows Medical Device companies to maintain a lean and efficient Quality System. Matrix Requirements is ISO13485 and ISO27001 certified. An online requirement, risks, tests and quality management solution for medical devices, from an ISO13485 certified company.
QUENTIC è un SOFTWARE DI GESTIONE DEGLI INCIDENTI. QUENTIC ti consente di analizzare le cause e le azioni preventive che ne derivano (Corrective and preventive action CAPA). Segnala situazioni pericolose e incidenti direttamente all'interno di un sistema centrale e genera avvisi di incidenti che possono essere inviati alle agenzie per la salute e la sicurezza sul lavoro. Visualizza le statistiche automatiche sugli incidenti e determina gli indicatori di incidenti come, ad esempio, il livello di gravità per azione preventiva! QUENTIC è ideale per qualsiasi azienda di piccole, medie o grandi dimensioni. Inizia subito con la versione di prova gratuita per 14 giorni! QUENTIC ti consente di analizzare le cause e le azioni preventive che ne derivano (CAPA). Inizia oggi stesso la tua prova GRATUITA di 14 giorni!
Multi-regulation Governance, Risk and Compliance platform for highly regulated industries. Quick to start, flexible to change as you grow and always there to support your needs. Superior GRC data management capabilities. Flexible and fully customizable Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) solution.

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Utilized by high-performing organisations, VisiumKMS EHS, Quality, and Operational Risk Management software solutions are designed with over two decades of industry best practices. Our easy to use, multi-purpose platform empowers organisations to improve HSE performance, manage changes, assess risks, ensure quality and compliance, and streamline business processes - all from one seamless package. VisiumKMS, a Rolls-Royce solution, is a world-class comprehensive suite of EHS, Quality, and Operational Risk Management applications.
InfinityQS quality solutions, powered by our Industry Leading Real-Time SPC engine, deliver unparalleled visibility & intelligence. With our solutions, manufacturers gain strategic insight to make data-driven decisions that improve product quality, decrease costs & risk, & meet compliance requirements. Customers report an average: 14.1% reduction in overtime, 14.3% reduction in man-hour rework, 12.7% reduction in scrap, and 14.1% reduction in warranty claims. InfinityQS Real-Time SPC delivers insights to improve quality, decrease costs and help manufacturers make smarter business decisions.

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Quality management solution designed for life sciences companies to manage compliance, CAPA, customer complaints, and regulatory processes. Quality management solution designed for life sciences companies to manage compliance and regulatory processes.
Non-conformance and CAPA management app that enables you to identify and evaluate non-conformances, and track CAPA status in real-time. Non-conformance and CAPA management app that enables you to identify and evaluate non-conformances, and track CAPA status in real-time.
Modular quality management solution that includes inventory, document, and project management. Modular quality management solution that includes inventory, document, and project management.