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Chi utilizza Mailscape?

Exchange monitoring tool that assists firms of all sizes with email management, messaging, database management and transaction monitoring.

Cos'è Mailscape?

Mailscape is an award winning Microsoft Exchange monitoring and reporting tool. Mailscapes One Look Dashboard was designed to be an intuitive, visual approach to monitoring Exchange. Instead of trying to monitor every known Exchange metric, Mailscape concentrates on key areas that directly impact uptime and won't give you false positives.

Mailscape deliver over 220 of the most commonly requested reports, and then go one step further by giving you the ability to customize these reports

Dettagli su Mailscape

ENow Software

Fondata nel 2004

Panoramica dei prezzi di Mailscape

Mailscape non dispone di un piano gratuito ma offre una versione di prova gratuita.

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Caratteristiche di Mailscape

Programmi per gestire email
Archiviazione e conservazione
Blocco spam
Caselle di posta condivise
Elenco elementi consentiti/non consentiti
Gestione delle code
Gestione delle firme
Gestione delle risposte
Monitoraggio delle e-mail
Recupero dati
Ricerca del percorso migliore
Risposte predefinite