Udutu Online Course Authoring

Udutu Online Course Authoring

Cos'è Udutu Online Course Authoring?

With over 98,000 users, Udutu is an experienced learning solutions provider since 2005. The course authoring tool is offered at a low-cost (30 days free) so there is no budget barrier to overcome. Any number of people can collaborate in the same workspace! Unlimited number of courses, robust Central Content Repository. It's easy AND powerful for beginners and experts alike and can include almost any content that works in a browser.

Chi utilizza Udutu Online Course Authoring?

Anyone worldwide looking to create engaging online courses. Easy enough for anyone regardless of course development experience - powerful enough for the most advanced users and course designs.

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Udutu Online Course Authoring

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Udutu Online Course Authoring
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Artist/writer/motivational speaker (USA)
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Artigianato, Lavoratore autonomo
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online courses

5,0 3 anni fa

Commenti: I use it for multi tasking,and preparation for starting,and finishing my books I write.I plan on using it to create online courses on art,writing,and motivational speaking.

Aspetti positivi:

I like it because it allows me to create my own courses,and since I am a writer,and artist I can use it for multi tasking

Aspetti negativi:

It does take patience to do anything,but it takes a while to get the job completely done

Owner ()
Ha utilizzato il software per: Non specificato
Fonte della recensione

A lot of functinality for the price

5,0 8 anni fa

Commenti: I came to Udutu with ZERO experience in creating an online course. I'm a retired English teacher and I just wanted a platform to offer some writing instruction for the students I tutor (in other words, I'm a very small fish in a very small pool). At first Uduto was not very intuitive to me, and I felt like the learning curve was steep, but I figure it out enough (within only about 2 weeks) how to make it do what I needed - therefore the simple, free version of the Online Course Authoring tool met my needs and helped me take my project from dream to reality. Yay Udutu.

Risposta di Udutu Online Learning Solutions

8 anni fa

Thanks for you comments Dolly! We appreciate you using Udutu! We've recently added our "Assist U" button to the authoring tool which will have a continually growing number of topics and processes which 'walk' users through the tool/process. Already the feedback is that these are very helpful -particularly for newer users. We also launched an FAQ site (faq.udutu.com) where there's an ever expanding amount of information to be obtained about out tools and services. As with any tool, there is a learning curve but we hope that these two approaches will help users like yourself to get rolling even faster than before! Thanks again!

Manager, People Development (Canada)
Risorse umane, 1.001-5.000 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
Fonte della recensione

Excellent tool for 90% of our development needs

3,0 5 anni fa

Commenti: it provided me with the avenue to implemented e-learning for my organization

Aspetti positivi:

The integration with the LMS is an added bonus feature. It provides and often times exceeds the development needs for most programming.

Aspetti negativi:

Since I do focus on the administrator role of the software it is difficult to crtique functionality. It performs well.

Risposta di Udutu Online Learning Solutions

5 anni fa

Thanks for the review, Mitch! As always, we'd love to hear of any features you think would make the Authoring Tool even more powerful, and we'll do our best to build them in.

Ha utilizzato il software per: Non specificato
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Anomaly + Remark

4,0 7 anni fa

Commenti: Hello, In the lms.udutu.com with a learner access, I notice something that doesn't work.
This concerns only the french interface. Go to « My training » tab, then choose an activity that has been already done. Therefore, clic on « Restart Activity ».
At this time, you have to write « REPRENDRE ». But it doesn't work because instead of « REPRENDRE » we have to write this word in english « RETAKE » whereas this is the french version.
Moreover, I tried to find in the lms a « preview » to see what the learner will see for all the process (lms + elearning) but I didn't find it.
If actually it doesn't exist, I think it could be a good feature.
Best regards,

Risposta di Udutu Online Learning Solutions

7 anni fa

Hi David, Thanks very much for your input and suggestions. The "Retake" issue is something we will look into. As the translated versions of the LMS are limited to the display text at this time, Making a functional text dynamically change for all the language variations may prove difficult to implement. We will certainly look into it and change if possible. A learner view is a good idea. I agree and will suggest it to our development team. Thanks again for using Udutu! Richard

E-learning Technologist ()
Ha utilizzato il software per: Non specificato
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Brilliant Learning Object Creator and Scenario builder (using it for our Medical university)

5,0 8 anni fa

Commenti: It was a brilliant discovery to find UDUTU when I was asked to review possible E-learning Learning object creators and scenario builders for my University E-learning team. UDUTU does everything we need and more. It is even better than very expensive bought software like Captivate and Articulate. You can create your own theme, and then use the useful templates to build your interactive learning objects or even adaptive learning scenarios. Sky is the limit!. For the person who has basic IT skills but want to make complex learning objects or even take the next step up from a PowerPoint this does everything. Quickly add PowerPoints, quizzes, multimedia. Work on them as a group and when you have finished you can export to the VLE as scorm compliant packages. You can even upload previously authored scorms and re-edit them. Not many packages do this. The are so many cool features. This sets the bar high. I wish I had learned about it earlier

Risposta di Udutu Online Learning Solutions

8 anni fa

Thanks very much for your enthusiastic review Scott! We are so pleased you found our tool(s) and that they are working out for you so well. Please don't hesitate to contact us if any questions come up!