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  • Facilità d'uso 4.5 / 5
  • Servizio clienti 4.5 / 5
  • Caratteristiche 4.5 / 5
  • Rapporto qualità-prezzo 4.5 / 5

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  • Tenable Network Security
  • Fondata nel 2002

Informazioni su Nessus

Built for security practitioners, by security professionals, Nessus Professional is the de-facto industry standard for vulnerability assessment. Nessus performs point-in-time assessments to help security professionals quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities, including software flaws, missing patches, malware, and misconfigurations. With features such as pre-built policies and templates, group snooze functionality, and real-time updates, it makes vulnerability assessment easy and intuitive.

Caratteristiche di Nessus

  • Anti-spam
  • Antivirus
  • Gestione delle minacce del web
  • Monitoraggio degli eventi
  • Protezione dell'indirizzo IP
  • Protezione di allegati e-mail
  • Relazioni sul traffico web
  • Scansione delle vulnerabilità
  • Sistema di rilevamento delle intrusioni
  • Threat Response
  • Determinazione degli asset
  • Gestione del rischio
  • Gestione delle patch
  • Gestione polizze
  • Identificazione dei cespiti tramite etichetta
  • Prioritizzazione
  • Scansione della rete
  • Scansione web
  • Valutazione delle vulnerabilità

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Nessus, a great tool for the analysis and remediation of vulnerabilities

Traduci con Google Data della recensione: 7/1/2019
Héctor joel B.
Ingeniero de Implementación y Soporte
Servizi e tecnologie dell'informazione, 13-50 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 1 anno
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Nel complesso
5 / 5
Facilità d'uso
5 / 5
Caratteristiche e funzionalità
4 / 5
Assistenza clienti
5 / 5
Rapporto qualità-prezzo
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Commenti: Tenable, in its variety of versions has a large section to train its customers, it is not a surprise that escalate positions with the passage of time and with every improvement that creates true expectations. Within the company we have deployed Nesss and it really has been helpful to fin every vulnerability that the scans throw at us, the information is very complete from the discovery stages, we feel very satisfied, that the tool has been implemented in other infrastructure and the results are very heplful.

Vantaggi: Nessus and its graphical interface is attractive, I would say that minimalist but punctual and charming, it is very clean, it should be applauded that in each version they improve it and include some types of scans that can bring you more complete results when you carry out an analysis. It is very remarkable that the plugins in your database are up to date and that your community generates an adequate response on time.

Inconvenienti: For now all the experience I have with Nessus has been nice, with the constancy that you have in your team working every day to improve it I know it will be a good tool for vulnerability detection.

Easy to Use Vulnerability Scanner

Traduci con Google Data della recensione: 6/9/2017
Christopher C.
IT Specialist
Ospedali e sistemi sanitari, 10.001+ dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
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Nel complesso
3 / 5
Facilità d'uso
3 / 5
Caratteristiche e funzionalità
3 / 5
Assistenza clienti
4 / 5
Rapporto qualità-prezzo
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Commenti: Good canned reports and dashboards, which show where your critical risks are. Ability to export date into CSV or Excel format was welcome and made manipulating data easier.

Vantaggi: What I like most about Nessus is that they have many plugins available for the various vulnerabilities that are out there. The ability to scan static and dynamic asset lists is great. The ability to schedule recurring scan jobs is helpful and aids in the scanning of systems. Integration with ticketing systems such as ServiceNow is also great.

Inconvenienti: It would be nice if their website had the published or revised date of their plugins. Resolving issues related to their Nessus Agents would also be nice. The UI could be improved so that queries didn't take so long. It would be nice if there was an easy way to purge old data associated with particular IPs.

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