Cos'è Booqable?

Booqable è un software di noleggio multifunzione per piccole e medie imprese di noleggio. Con un back-end intuitivo, un negozio online e un'app iOS, otterrai tutto il necessario per accettare le prenotazioni e gestire le attività quotidiane in modo efficiente. Unisciti a oltre 2.000 imprenditori che stanno già risparmiando tempo e offrono ottime esperienze di noleggio con Booqable. Prenota una demo personale o inizia una prova gratuita.

Chi utilizza Booqable?

Imprese di noleggio di piccole e medie dimensioni. I clienti noleggiano con successo biciclette, attrezzature fotografiche, articoli per feste, decorazioni per eventi, strumenti, attrezzature per esterni, sci, kayak, barche, tavole da surf, rimorchi e altro ancora.

Dove si può implementare Booqable?

Basato sul cloud

Informazioni sul fornitore

  • Booqable
  • Sede: Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
  • Fondata nel 2014

Assistenza di Booqable

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Disponibilità per Paese

Albania, Andorra, Anguilla, Antigua e Barbuda, Argentina e altri 124



Booqable prezzo

Prezzo di partenza:

29,00 USD/mese
  • Sì, offre prova gratuita
  • Senza versione gratuita

Booqable non dispone di un piano gratuito ma offre una versione di prova gratuita. La versione a pagamento di Booqable è disponibile a partire da 29,00 USD/mese.

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Informazioni sul fornitore

  • Booqable
  • Sede: Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
  • Fondata nel 2014

Assistenza di Booqable

  • Chat

Disponibilità per Paese

Albania, Andorra, Anguilla, Antigua e Barbuda, Argentina e altri 124



Video e immagini di Booqable

Booqable Software - 1
Booqable Software - 2
Booqable Software - 3
Booqable Software - 4
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Video di Booqable
Booqable Software - 1
Booqable Software - 2
Booqable Software - 3
Booqable Software - 4
Booqable Software - 5

Caratteristiche di Booqable

  • Accesso da dispositivi mobili
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Avvisi/Notifiche
  • CRM
  • Calcolo del tasso di mora
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Codici a barre/RFID
  • Controllo dell'inventario
  • Creazione di report/analisi
  • Cronologia clienti
  • Database clienti
  • Elaborazione di pagamenti
  • Evasione di ordini
  • Fatturazione e contabilizzazione
  • Firma digitale
  • Formulazione di previsioni
  • Gestione degli articoli
  • Gestione degli ordini
  • Gestione degli ordini d'acquisto
  • Gestione degli sconti
  • Gestione dei clienti
  • Gestione dei noleggi
  • Gestione dell'e-commerce
  • Gestione dell'inventario
  • Gestione della clientela
  • Gestione della disponibilità
  • Gestione della flotta
  • Gestione della manutenzione
  • Gestione delle fatture
  • Gestione delle immobilizzazioni
  • Gestione delle ispezioni
  • Gestione delle prenotazioni
  • Gestione di contratti/licenze
  • Gestione di documenti
  • Gestione multi-canale
  • Gestione nuovi ordini
  • Gestione stock commercianti al dettaglio
  • Gestione tariffaria
  • Gestione utenti
  • Identificazione del prodotto
  • Immagini delle risorse
  • Importazione/Esportazione di dati
  • Informazioni in tempo reale
  • Inserimento ordini
  • Integrazioni di terze parti
  • Monitoraggio degli ordini
  • Monitoraggio dei cespiti
  • Note di prenotazione
  • Ordini di vendita
  • Ottimizzazione dell'inventario
  • Pagamento elettronico
  • Prenotazioni online
  • Preventivi/Stime
  • Programmazione
  • Quadro della attività
  • Relazioni sull'utilizzo
  • Relazioni sulle vendite
  • Rendicontazione e analisi statistiche
  • Ricerca/Filtro
  • Rilevamento della posizione
  • Scansione di codici a barre / biglietti
  • Sistema multi-locale

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Recensioni su Booqable

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Trova recensioni per valutazione

Justin J
Justin J
President // Cinematographer // Producer (Canada)
Utente LinkedIn Verificato
Ha utilizzato il software per: 6-12 mesi
Fonte della recensione

Just the equipment management software I've been dreaming of

5,0 5 anni fa

Commenti: Time savings and management. Simple as that.

Aspetti positivi:

Number 1 - Customer support. I've never dealt with a company who works with you on such a personal level and takes care of basically anything you ask for. These guys are true professionals. After that, its all still so great. The fact that I can manage my inventory, while also populating my website and show what equipment is available to rent saves me an insane amount of time. On top of that, it's integrated with quoting and invoicing. You work out of one database and are able to use it over multiple uses. It honestly couldn't be easier or time saving.

Aspetti negativi:

There aren't many issues that I have with this software. One of things I brought up was to have the calendar subscription for iCal or Google Calendar show not only the Reserved items, but also what items are Concepts. The built in calendar works great when you're on a computer. But when I need to use my mobile, I generally look to my Google Calendar to get a quick glance of whats going on. Going on all of that, a stand alone app would be great as well. These aren't really cons, just things that would improve the experience.

Risposta di Booqable

5 anni fa

Thanks for the compliments Justin, both on our rental software and our team, that means a lot to us :-) Regarding the calendar; we just released an update that should make it a lot easier to see the status of your orders on the go. Hope that helps! Cheers!

Director (Australia)
Organizzazione eventi, 2-10 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: 1-5 mesi
Fonte della recensione

One of the better booking/ tracking systems I have used

5,0 3 settimane fa Nuova

Commenti: Myself, a non tech savvy, hairdresser by trade, was able to set up a product hire business! The system allowed me to offer online booking straight away, giving us an upper hand over other businesses in my field! I set up product tracking and basically everything we need, on my own while sitting in the couch!!

Aspetti positivi:

The customer service for this software is second to none! I have used many booking platforms across many different businesses. I found this the most straightforward to set up and manage. It is no nonsense and I don’t have to add or complete anything that is not relevant! If I have had any issues or couldn’t find something, the customer service team are always quick to help! Our customers find the booking system super easy to use!

Aspetti negativi:

I would like to have an option at check our suggesting upsales…. “Would you like to add XXXX to your order for only $XX”Also, an option to view emails that have been sent out and see if people have replied. These may already be available, but I can not find them

Alternative considerate: Square Point of Sale, Rentle e Acuity Scheduling

Perché scegliere Booqable: Booqable had all the things we needed in one software…. Others only had a few of what we needed and we would have needed multiple programs

Software precedente: Square Point of Sale e Rentle

Perché passare a Booqable: Booqable had all the things we needed in one software…. Others only had a few of what we needed and we would have needed multiple programs

owner (USA)
Articoli sportivi, 11-50 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: 1-5 mesi
Fonte della recensione

Too many issues and errors

1,0 2 mesi fa Nuova

Aspetti positivi:

It holds deposits. that's about it. nothing great about this software

Aspetti negativi:

1) too many glitches and error that cannot be addressed to support staff. Everything I ask they just send me a generic screen shot of the help page 2) I'm losing money because of too many refunds. the system doesn't process it correctly so instead f just giving a deposit back, it does multiple despsits back to the customers account. 3) too many partially paid.

Cinematographer (Germania)
Animazioni e film, Lavoratore autonomo
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
Fonte della recensione

Just use Booqable.

5,0 2 mesi fa Nuova

Commenti: Booqable is scalable for no matter the business plan you have. Simple inventory up to running an online shop. If its only part of your business or your core, you can utilize it at any level. It's clean, runs great, and is easy to use. This teamed with their outstanding customer service leads to a great product.

Aspetti positivi:

I think this is the simplest, most user-friendly product you can use. What I love the most is that this software doesn't take up too much time or effort to use. They make everything plug and play and in lots of situations, turnkey. I work as a cinematographer and use the software for tracking my equipment, building quotes, and some small rentals to colleagues, but I don't want the mess of running a rental house. Booqable makes it easy to do all I need without the major time investment. If you want to get into the details, go for it, but if you want simple item tracking/webshop/inventory, it's great. Also, the customer service has always been top notch, and I have been a user for years and never had an issue.

Aspetti negativi:

I would say my only con is there could be a cleaner calendar view, and the app needs a little work, I wish I could send quotes from the app itself instead of having to go to the desktop site.

Alternative considerate: sevDesk e Rentman

Perché passare a Booqable: It checked all the boxes I needed and the price was great.

Owner (Spagna)
Servizi e attività ricreative, 2-10 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 1 anno
Fonte della recensione

Total Game Changer!

5,0 2 settimane fa Nuova

Commenti: The value that Booqable offers in a flat monthly fee is such a good deal. I was going to hire an administrative assistant but now I don't have to because Booqable handles most of the detail-oriented tasks for me.

Aspetti positivi:

The online reservation features are incredible for my business because it has decreased my time and expenses to accept customer bookings, but it allows my customers to book any time of day without the back and forth. My customers are busy so this is huge!

Aspetti negativi:

Booqable has a lot of features. Because of this, there was a learning curve to get the software running smooth for my business. But, the support team answered all my questions within a day (often time within an hour or so) so that was super helpful!

Alternative considerate: Rentle e FareHarbor

Perché passare a Booqable: It was just for more simple and easy to understand and integrate.