Cos'è TimeTap?

I fornitori di servizi spesso perdono le chiamate da potenziali clienti, passando ore a inviare e-mail di promemoria e follow-up via e-mail, destreggiandosi tra diverse attività per far crescere il loro business. Questa soluzione di pianificazione degli appuntamenti online è come un carrello per i servizi. Elimina le chiamate perse e i problemi di mancata presentazione consentendo ai clienti di gestire i propri appuntamenti. Le aziende possono integrare un pianificatore sul proprio sito web e personalizzare le notifiche e-mail affinché vengano inviate automaticamente.

Chi utilizza TimeTap?

Professionisti indipendenti e piccole e medie imprese che offrono grandi offerte di appuntamenti e prenotazioni ogni mese.

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Executive Director (USA)
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Ha utilizzato il software per: 1-5 mesi
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A+ software that's infinitely customizable with top-notch support from an ethical, big-hearted team.

5,0 5 anni fa

Commenti: Because of this software, we are able to execute the vision of our social enterprise to fight the opioid crisis without the prohibitively costly overhead associated with having human schedulers & administrators. We would have had to raise a much higher fundraising target in order to be able to run operations if it weren't for the flexibility and ease of use we found in TimeTap.

Aspetti positivi:

As a non-profit that provides free, longterm support to those healing from opioid addiction, we had very specific time management needs for our volunteer "Listeners" to schedule meetings with people healing from an addiction crisis. Listeners will be meeting with program participants in public locations like libraries and coffee-shops in multiple cities, and each volunteer has to set and manage their own availability. It was also important to us to be able to craft the public-facing messaging in a way that was both clear and non-shaming, and that software that was built for staff-client relationships didn't make our program participants feel like patients in the medical system. We thought this would be an impossible task, but TimeTap not only figured it out, they made it feel easy. I am still amazed by how quickly and effectively they helped us integrate our needs into an effective, working service. The software has been built in such a way that every facet of interactions between users in your scheduling system can be customized and optimized. There were a number of functionalities I didn't anticipate needing, and aspects of the work process I didn't think about customizing until we actually saw it in action. TimeTap support was there every step of the way to help us figure out how to tweak, adjust and clarify.

Aspetti negativi:

The only downside I've experienced (as a non-technical person) with this software is that it can be hard to understand the logic of different settings and where specific gears are located on the back-end. I think, however, that this is just a necessary symptom of highly customizable software. TimeTap manages this incredibly well, in my opinion, by having an incredibly rich (and search sensitive) library of user documentation -- including screen-capture videos that show you step-by-step how to find what you're looking for. Their support team is also very responsive and friendly and I've never had trouble getting in touch with them on short notice for both quick and complicated questions.

Risposta di TimeTap

5 anni fa

Thanks so much, Jennifer, for the kind and thoughtful review! It's been a pleasure helping you and the SeekHealing team -- you all are making a big difference in the world!

CEO (Canada)
Marketing e pubblicità, 51-200 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
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Alternative considerate:

After 3 years of using timetap

5,0 5 mesi fa

Commenti: Overall experience has been very good. There have been a few hiccups along the way, and while we do get frustrated when these happen, the staff at timetap do their best to help us out.

Aspetti positivi:

The online scheduling for us is the best feature, allowing us to take more efficient appointments. Driving distance calculation lets us pack more sites per day.

Aspetti negativi:

Calendar sync has been an issue, but this is something that is a work in progress.

sales and bike fitting (USA)
Vendita al dettaglio, 11-50 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: 1-5 mesi
Fonte della recensione

Bike fitting appointment challenges

3,0 4 anni fa

Commenti: I don't feel having customers schedule a time to have a very personal service like Bike Fitting works with this application. Getting your bike tuned up makes more sense. Imagine trying to schedule a doctor appointment with a sore arm. Without some questions it could be a pulled muscle or bruise... or a heart attack. This assumes the customer knows what service will suit their needs. Often the customer chooses the least expensive option.

Aspetti positivi:

sync's with Google accounts. Able to see multiple days/weeks quickly. Nice customer data base if we enter it. Customer entry is not so consistent. Really think it could work well for our education programs as well as service if we put a larger chunk of time allotted on our part (assume the bike is in worse shape than customer thinks it is!)

Aspetti negativi:

Customer problems setting up appointments- not consistently letting a customer know they have NOT REGISTERED fully, also same situation sometimes sends the fitter an email, sometimes blocks off the time even though not registered properly. Setting up fitter availability is too complicated- needs to be a calendar that is not open until the fitter goes on a calendar and opens up times- our schedules are not consistent due to staffing and outside commitments. Customers need to have a way to leave the fitter a note about questions or to have the fitter call to talk more about options (ie- I currently do not have a bike, but want to get more info to choose the most appropriate sized bike.) Does not tell customer what to bring to fitting. Not easy to follow up with customer without doing some digging on the timetap website to change an appointment, especially if customer puts in wrong phone number, no email, wrong address etc.

Risposta di TimeTap

4 anni fa

Hi Mike, So sorry to read about the issues you experienced here trying to get TimeTap set up for Freewheel. We did just release some updates to how fitters can add their availability this past weekend which may change/improve some of the issues you were explaining here. I'd love to show these to you if there is a time in the coming weeks we can get on the phone together. You can book a support call with me at and we can look at some of these items. I know one of the big requests we've gotten from businesses like yours is to allow add ons to appointments which is something we are working on for 2019. We can discuss some of the enhancements you might like as well on the support call. Thanks, Lucy

Studio Manager (USA)
Vendita al dettaglio, 11-50 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Prova gratuita
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Alternative considerate:

The best scheduling program out there

5,0 4 mesi fa

Aspetti positivi:

I love that I can customize just about anything and run reports!

Aspetti negativi:

I wish I could allow multiple appointment bookings AND staff confirmation abilities

Risposta di Lumaverse Technologies

4 mesi fa

Thanks for the helpful review, Brittany! We appreciate the constructive feedback. We agree that your request for allowing multiple appointment bookings in tandem staff confirmation could be a valuable addition to our platform. We'll consider adding this in as we plan our product expansions for the future.

Financial Advisor (USA)
Servizi finanziari, 2-10 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: 6-12 mesi
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Alternative considerate:


5,0 anno scorso

Commenti: great

Aspetti positivi:

allowing the client to schedule themselves

Aspetti negativi:

You are currently unable to limit the amount of appointments allowed in one day. This is a very big Con