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Any business looking to simplify and scale their communications to effectively reach their customers across any channel.

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113 recensioni
  • Nel complesso 4.5 / 5
  • Facilità d'uso 4.5 / 5
  • Servizio clienti 4.5 / 5
  • Caratteristiche 4.5 / 5
  • Rapporto qualità-prezzo 4.5 / 5

Dettagli del prodotto

  • Dettagli sul prezzo Pay-as-you-go
  • Versione gratuita
  • Prova gratuita
  • Implementazione Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Formazione Di persona
    Live Online
  • Assistenza Assistenza diretta 24 ore su 24

Dettagli del fornitore

  • MessageBird
  • Fondata nel 2011

Informazioni su MessageBird

At MessageBird we believe that communicating with a business should feel as natural as communicating with a friend. That's why we are on a mission to modernize and simplify the overcomplicated space of customer communication.
As the only leading cloud communications platform with its own telecommunications carrier infrastructure, our SMS, Voice and Conversations APIs continue to revolutionize company-customer interactions, making contact easier, more efficient and accessible than ever before.

Caratteristiche di MessageBird

  • Controllo accessi/Autorizzazioni
  • Controllo della fonte
  • Creazione di modelli di dati
  • Creazione di report/analisi
  • Debugging
  • Gestione delle implementazioni
  • No-Code
  • Prova di compatibilità
  • Refactoring del codice
  • Strumenti collaborativi
  • Sviluppo di app per dispositivi mobili
  • Sviluppo di app web
  • Sviluppo di software
  • Appuntamenti ricorrenti
  • Avvisi di pagamento
  • Gestione dei calendari
  • Messaggistica bidirezionale
  • Messaggistica via SMS
  • Prenotazioni online
  • Programmazione appuntamenti
  • Promemoria via e-mail
  • Riprogrammazione
  • Risposta vocale interattiva (IVR) / Riconoscimento vocale
  • Call center
  • Conversione testo-parola
  • Digitazione di tasti del telefono
  • Gestione dei sondaggi
  • Instradamento delle chiamate
  • Messaggio vocale
  • Personalizzazione della voce
  • Registrazione delle chiamate
  • Registrazione delle chiamate
  • Script multipli
  • Codici brevi
  • Coupon per cellulari
  • Creazione di report/analisi
  • Gestione contatti
  • Invio di SMS di massa
  • MMS
  • Messaggistica bidirezionale
  • Messaggistica programmata
  • Parole chiave per cellulari
  • Partecipazione a concorsi tramite SMS
  • Personalizzazione dei messaggi
  • Sondaggi/Votazioni
  • Gestione contatti
  • Gestione del telemarketing
  • Gestione di call center
  • Integrazione di voce e dati
  • Monitoraggio delle chiamate
  • Rapporti sulle chiamate in entrata
  • Rapporti sulle chiamate in uscita
  • Risposta vocale interattiva (IVR) / Riconoscimento vocale
  • Selezione automatica dei numeri di telefono
  • Selezione predittiva dei numeri di telefono
  • VoIP
  • Chiamata in stato di attesa
  • Comunicazioni unificate
  • Crittografia
  • Gestione contatti
  • Gruppi di chiamata
  • Miglioramento della qualità della voce
  • Registrazione delle chiamate
  • Risposta vocale interattiva (IVR) / Riconoscimento vocale
  • Trunking SIP

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MessageBird is an absolute 5-star virtual VOIP telephone service

Traduci con Google Data della recensione: 16/11/2018
Ritvars R.
Ecommerce Manager
Produzione di apparecchi elettrici/elettronici, 13-50 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: 6-12 mesi
Fonte della recensione 
Nel complesso
5 / 5
Facilità d'uso
5 / 5
Caratteristiche e funzionalità
5 / 5
Assistenza clienti
5 / 5
Rapporto qualità-prezzo
Lo consiglieresti?
Probabilmente no Molto probabilmente

Commenti: When we moved our warehouse to a new location, our former provider promised to both keep our existing phone number, that our business had used for 3-years, as well as have a fiber-optic connection in place. In reality, we got neither. At the new location, telecom companies quoted 5k to install a fiber-optic line, and the phone was a low-quality copper line with no option to keep our previous number. We had to take full control of our inbound calls and become independent from telecom companies that failed at the core of their services and customer promise deliverability. Searching for an API and an open-source solution we found MessageBird through IFTTT platform. At first, we were sceptical about MessageBird ability to offer its services to UK clients, however, after the initial inquiry, we were advised that not only MessageBird was able to source a UK, London-based landline number, as we are a London based business, but also provided an option to choose a preferred number. All at a fraction of cost that traditional telephone service companies will never be able to price match. On the day of connection, we geared up to update our phone number in all places possible, established an inbound call flow, linked inbound calls to extensions relevant to our business, and gradually got our inbound phone call business back. Team LEDUS UK is personally thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be with MessageBird and recommends other businesses to follow worldwide.

Vantaggi: 1. Cost, cost, cost
2. Phone call-flow flexibility
3. Availability - services just what you needed
4. Fulfilment of custom number requests
5. Ease of use - literally a monkey could do it!
6. Reliability 24/7/365
7. Analytics and automatic contact saving
8. Team friendliness and helpfulness
9. Service expansion opportunity e.g. using SMS marketing
10. MessageBird concept helping businesses

Inconvenienti: 1. The only thing that we still have not grasped is how to link an API to a physical on-the-desk phone, or a WiFi phone so that inbound call can be both received, as well as diverted to mobile phones if there is no one to reply the main phone. No tutorials or guidance of wifi phone models provided, yet.

Easy-to-use service, great for testing texting outreach

Traduci con Google Data della recensione: 15/11/2018
VP of Customer Experience
Internet, 501-1.000 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 1 anno
Fonte della recensione 
Nel complesso
4 / 5
Facilità d'uso
3 / 5
Caratteristiche e funzionalità
5 / 5
Assistenza clienti
5 / 5
Rapporto qualità-prezzo
Lo consiglieresti?
Probabilmente no Molto probabilmente

Commenti: Overall, I would recommend the system - easy-to-use, simple solution with helpful customer service. Some of their feature challenges are being addressed.

Vantaggi: The software is very easy to use. We use it in conjunction with our CRM platform, Zendesk, because we were looking for a system that would integrate with Zendesk easily without involving complicated engineering involvement. MessageBird fit the bill and has allowed us to engage in quite a few text outreach campaigns to customers (mainly transaction in nature, not promotional) at minimal cost and fuss - no engineers required. The system integrates fairly well with Zendesk (still some kinks) but it's workable. Time will will if MessageBird proves to be a good long-term solution, but they are working on their offerings. Their customer service is also very pleasant and very helpful, even through some technical challenges.

Inconvenienti: The software is not as popular in the US as in Europe, which, especially early on, caused a few more issues setting up the system. There are also some areas where the system *appears* to be less robust than similar solutions in the texting space (like Twilio). There appears to be less flexibility in automation for sending out text messages and occasional system glitches. Their integration with Zendesk (perhaps other CRM platforms, too?) could be improved and lacks some basic features (they're working on it). None of the above, however, means it's not possible to message customers - just annoyances to cross over. The system still works, especially if you're interested in using MessageBird to test texting campaigns.

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