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Medical practice management solution designed for physicians that helps with scheduling, claims processing, and customizable workflows.

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  • Nel complesso 4 / 5
  • Facilità d'uso 4 / 5
  • Servizio clienti 4 / 5
  • Caratteristiche 4 / 5
  • Rapporto qualità-prezzo 3.5 / 5

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  • Implementazione Cloud, SaaS, Web

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  • NextGen Healthcare
  • Fondata nel 1974

Informazioni su NextGen Population Health

Cloud-based medical practice management solution that assists healthcare organizations with risk stratification and care coordination.

Caratteristiche di NextGen Population Health

  • Analisi predittiva
  • Collaborazione
  • Combinazioni di dati
  • Elaborazione di grandi volumi
  • Estrapolazione di dati (data mining)
  • Immagazzinaggio di dati
  • Modelli
  • Pulizia di dati
  • Sandbox senza codice
  • Visualizzazione di dati
  • Gestione degli ordinanti
  • Gestione dei moduli
  • Gestione della clientela
  • Gestione della conformità
  • Gestione delle polizze
  • Gestione di casi
  • Gestione sinistri
  • Monitoraggio della risoluzione dei reclami
  • Monitoraggio spese a carico e detraibili
  • Reclami in formato cartaceo
  • Reclami in formato elettronico
  • Analisi predittiva
  • Automazione del marketing
  • Comunicazione con i pazienti
  • Gestione dei medici
  • Gestione dei pazienti
  • Gestione della campagna
  • Schede di anamnesi medica
  • Segmentazione del pubblico di riferimento
  • Accesso da dispositivi mobili
  • Collaborazione
  • Gestione self-service
  • Informazioni per i pazienti
  • Messaggistica
  • Monitoraggio dei progressi
  • Personal Health Record
  • Pianificazione sanitaria
  • Portale dei pazienti
  • Programmazione appuntamenti
  • Analisi delle sensazioni
  • Benchmarking
  • Estrapolazione di dati (data mining)
  • Fusione di dati
  • Intelligenza artificiale e apprendimento automatico
  • Modellazione e simulazione
  • Per il sistema sanitario
  • Per l'istruzione
  • Previsione della domanda

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IT Program/Project Manager

Data della recensione: 21/8/2018
Michelle K.
IT Program and Project Manager
Studi medici, 201-500 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
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Fonte: SoftwareAdvice
Nel complesso
5 / 5
Facilità d'uso
5 / 5
Caratteristiche e funzionalità
5 / 5
Assistenza clienti
5 / 5
Rapporto qualità-prezzo
Lo consiglieresti?
Probabilmente no Molto probabilmente

Commenti: In 2006, a 3rd party integrator (no longer in business) sold NextGen to our organization and since this was their first time installing it, the installation and configuration was barely implemented. To mitigate, in 2011, additional Practice Management training from NextGen and EHR Training/template development resources from Ciscon were engaged to review billing processes and create clinical workflows. Thanks to NextGen/Ciscon, we were able to launch the EHR in 2013. Since then, they have helped us make significant improvements to the clinical workflow (customizing templates) and billing processing. In 2016, the NextGen reports allowed us to start receiving CMS Meaningful Use/ACI incentive funds.

Vantaggi: 1. Highly organization can develop/program/configure any template or drop-down list box to tailor it to their clinical staff! 2. Software includes everything a clinic/hospital needs...and with NextGen's MirthConnect product, any interface or integration to another system is possible and easy! Besides the EHR and Practice Management, NextGen provides a Patient Portal, ePrescribe capability, Rosetta and MirthConnect (allowing interfaces to any system like LabCorp, Quest, Immunization Registries.), and much more! 3. NextGen Support is awesome...and if there is a new staff member, just request Tier 2 or Tier 3 support techs so your challenges are addressed quickly by experts in every area of the product! 4. NextGen Training is helpful from knowledgeable and experienced staff who have worked in clinical and front office environments. For any upgrades or projects, or if you are brand new, leverage the advanced trainers for additional training for staff and learning how to utilize/configure the system by having them review your configuration. 5. NextGen Development and NextGen 3rd Party Integrators (like Ciscon) are amazing to work with...If you don't have time to develop templates or learn, contact them to obtain a quote. I have been most impressed with support team at Ciscon! They have been able to streamline Provider templates and save tons of clicks so the Providers just adore and appreciate the efforts! They were also able to train all the clinical staff on the new workflows.

Inconvenienti: Like any EHR (vs a paper chart), there are lots of clicks for the clinical staff members.
In addition, the graphical user interface was so new to staff, this caused delays in the encounters.
(To mitigate, we spent time, money, and effort on training users as well as building customized templates...This was worth every penny!)

Dermatology Office Using MediTouch's HealthFusion for nearly 1 year

Data della recensione: 5/12/2016
Saeed J.
Studi medici, 2-10 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: 1-5 mesi
Fonte della recensione 
Fonte: SoftwareAdvice
Nel complesso
4 / 5
Facilità d'uso
3 / 5
Caratteristiche e funzionalità
4 / 5
Assistenza clienti
4 / 5
Rapporto qualità-prezzo
Lo consiglieresti?
Probabilmente no Molto probabilmente

Commenti: In 2015, I spent countless hours reviewing/sampling one EHR after another to find a good fit for what we needed/wanted in an EHR. We were moving from paper and wanted a cloud-based solution. As a dermatology office, we absolutely need the ability to document patient's skin findings on a diagram. HealthFusion was one of the few that gave this ability and even allowed us to upload our own images which we have designed for quick easy use. Most dermatologists will utilize a more derm-specific product such as Modernizing Medicine's EMA, PracticeStudio, etc, however, another criteria we wanted in our EHR was something that was truly platform-independent and browser-independent -- could work on a ChromeOS computer, a Mac, a Windows machine, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc. Again, MediTouch's HealthFusion EHR & Practice Management product provided this capability while other derm-specific products did not and continue not to. We also do our billing in-house and wanted a robust billing product. MediTouch is their own clearinghouse which is a big benefit so when there are issues, we don't hear from our vendor "Oh it's a problem with the Clearinghouse", instead MediTouch customer service tells us "Oh we need to fix that". Customer service is overall very good - it is here in the United States (Pacific Coast which is our local time zone) and available relatively quickly. So why not five stars? Well, the EHR itself is not designed very well for a specialty-specific practice like ours so we went through a process of customizing it for our needs. We are happy that customization was available however it was a daunting and time consuming process. While the EHR system allows for some meaningful use and PQRS measures it does NOT collect data for specialty-specific measures so it's basically useless for our PQRS/MU/MACRA reporting needs. Which is very unfortunate and might force us to move to a derm-specific product.

Vantaggi: Platform-independent (works on ChromeOS, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.)
Browser-independent (works in Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc)
Cloud-based with no need for specific hardware/software in-house.
Local to our time zone (Pacific) with U.S. based customer service
Clearinghouse is in-house with the vendor
Speed of operation - there have been moments when the cloud-based

Inconvenienti: Lack of specialty-specific Meaningful Use, PQRS, and MACRA measures
Need for heavy customization for the purposes of documenting specific scenarios (specialty or otherwise)
Extra components within standard documentation unnecessary for most specialties
Integration of PM and EHR could be a bit better

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