Cos'è WinTeam?

Basta con l'utilizzo di diverse applicazioni software, l'importazione di dati inefficace e le interfacce personalizzate. WinTeam è progettato per dare ai fornitori di servizi di pulizie e sicurezza un modo olistico di misurare le prestazioni e automatizzare la gestione quotidiana degli aspetti finanziari, operativi e della forza lavoro.

Chi utilizza WinTeam?

È adatta ai fornitori di servizi di pulizie e sicurezza con una forza lavoro distribuita.

Video di WinTeam
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Director of Accounting (USA)
Gestione delle risorse, 201-500 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
Fonte della recensione

Made for Us

5,0 2 anni fa

Aspetti positivi:

The best thing about WinTeam is that it was designed with facility services companies like ours in mind. We've used the TeamTime component for well over a decade and decided to implement the accounting, job costing, and other related features in January 2019. It makes invoicing for recurring services so easy! And our job costing and financial reporting is now both timely and accurate - not something we could always say before we switched. The software is forgiving of user error, and if you need help, customer support is easy to reach and will stay with you until you gotten all the help you need. I can't imagine a facility services company could be happier with any other software out there.

Aspetti negativi:

The only real complaint I have about WinTeam is that it doesn't allow you to change the format of the AR invoices. All invoices have columns for "Description," "Quantity," "Unit of Measure," "Price," and "Amount." Because the overwhelming majority of our invoices are just on monthly charge for janitorial services, it would be nice if they had an invoice format that didn't have the "Quantity," "Unit of Measure," and "Price" columns. Also, the software is not "intuitive." You're probably not going to be able to log in and just figure out how to use it on your own; however, it is very easy to learn and TEAM will provide as much training as you need to master it. I also highly recommend sending at least one user to the TEAM conference. It's a fun time, and you learn so much while attending!

Controller (USA)
Gestione delle risorse, 51-200 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
Fonte della recensione


5,0 2 anni fa

Aspetti positivi:

The modules are laid out very similar so it makes it easier for set up. The system makes it possible for many people in the organization to have important information at their fingertips. The reporting functionality is pretty good. We especially have liked the ease of payroll with timekeeping and different pay rates. The ability to do alot of customization has been both a pro and con. We have figured out many ways to customize the software for several areas of our business to have benefits.

Aspetti negativi:

Ehub frequently has issues. Many of our end users are not tech savvy so it causes a lot of training issues. Updating to GL for all transactions can be tedious. Reporting is pretty good but paying extra for BI has made a big difference. It would be nice if that was just included in the software price. The ability to do a lot of customization has been both a pro and con. It dies often make more basic processes more difficult than they need to be.

Accountant (USA)
Gestione delle risorse, 1.001-5.000 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 2 anni
Fonte della recensione

Winteam in review

4,0 3 anni fa

Commenti: Overall, Winteam is great but there is always room for improvement. This being my first office job using a software based system, winteam has helped me succeed way better than the older software my company used to have.

Aspetti positivi:

I enjoy the simplicity when it comes to navigating certain aspects of the system. I also enjoy finding out new ways to complete tasks more efficiently and sharing with the rest of my team. This software has helped save hundreds of hours when analyzing and entering data.

Aspetti negativi:

There were a few things that felt like they were finished half way before the software was released. For example, the PO and AP Invoice sections need to be linked better to let you know when a PO already has an invoice and when the PO has been fulfilled to avoid going over the PO amount. Similar to the AR Invoice Review tab, there should be a way to review what invoices are under that PO and the amount remaining, invoiced and over/under when the PO has reached its expiration date.

Payroll Director (USA)
Gestione delle risorse, 201-500 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 1 anno
Fonte della recensione

Overall Quite Potent Accounting Software

4,0 4 anni fa

Commenti: This software comes with a high learning curve but overall I think it is worth it. We are able to have more detailed reports for payroll, AP, AR, Inventory, etc. Right now we are implementing onboarding solution for payroll. Also, having TeamTime clocking in and out information synchronize directly to Team has been tremendous help speeding up payroll processing.

Aspetti positivi:

I like that in Team everything is down to Job level; We are able to get a detailed report of each job for the customers. Payroll is very easy to navigate as well. There is plenty of reports to choose from to get all the information needed. I like the fact that I can manage Obama Care right in the software - it is a lot of work to assure all the information is correctly captured and reported but it is all in one place at least. I like that we have all functions connected into one software; integration was a big deal for us to make this switch. Customer service is awesome as well. There are lots of functions that we are still learning about but is definetely a very powerful and promising software.

Aspetti negativi:

I did not like that I cannot import and export like we used to do in old software. Also, one of the drawbacks for payroll department is that liabilities cannot be paid directly out of the Team. Lack of ability to attach files is frustrating as well (even though this and many other functions can be added for an extra fee). Third party add-ons can be expensive sometimes. Would be nice to have reminders of due dates for liability payments as well.

Manager (USA)
Servizi ambientali, 201-500 dipendenti
Ha utilizzato il software per: Più di 1 anno
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Alternative considerate:

Essential Software

5,0 2 anni fa

Aspetti positivi:

Love the reporting and tracking capabilities. The most useful reports in my job are the job costing and hours variance reports.

Aspetti negativi:

Cumbersome and often unintuitive to navigate. I know t has the capacity to deliver many useful metrics, but I feel I'm missing out due to an inability to run them or even know that they exist. (Customer support is awesome in helping overcome this though).