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Chi utilizza Playable?

Small, medium and enterprise clients who use email as a key communication channel and wish to drive more response and engagement from their campaigns by adding video content into their emails

Cos'è Playable?

Playable works in conjunction with your preferred ESP to enable you to quickly and easily add a short video clip to your email.

Playable video emails work on all devices, all connection types and all email clients.

In A/B split tests video email outperforms static image versions by 3-5x in response terms, and upto 8x in engagement as measured by time on site post click.

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Fondata nel 2016

Panoramica dei prezzi di Playable

Playable dispone di un piano gratuito e offre una versione di prova gratuita. La versione a pagamento di Playable è disponibile a partire da 5,00 USD/mese.

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5,00 USD/mese

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You can get started for Free with Playable and then upgrade or downgrade.

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Prova gratuita


Cloud, SaaS, Web


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Caratteristiche di Playable

Programmi per video editing
Acquisizione video
Condivisione sui social
Divisione / Unione
Libreria multimedia
Regolazione della velocità
Sovrapposizione del testo
Sovrapposizione di brand
Stabilizzazione video
Strumenti audio
Supporto per risoluzione HD
Video editing in 3D